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raniisc14 August 30, 2012 17:23

chtMultiRegionFoam: discrepancy on x-bounds on a region (heater)
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Dear FOAMers
My question relates to the tutorial: heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/multiRegionHeater.
The region 'heater' is specified as below in *.setSet under case dir:
cellSet heater new boxToCell (-0.01001 0 -100 )(0.01001 0.00999 100)
cellSet heater add boxToCell (-0.01001 -100 -0.01001)(0.01001 0.00999 0.01001)
cellZoneSet heater new setToCellZone heater

Thus, the spatial bound along x on this region should be from -0.01001 to +0.01001. However, paraView reports this bound to be (-0.0133 to +0.0133) / see under 'object inspector' ->information! I believe these two figures refer to the same entity; the discrepancy is not negligible.
Any comment please?
PS: use paraFoam -builtin to visualise the case; paraFoam did not work at my end with this tutorial case!

raniisc14 August 30, 2012 17:25

I guess its to do with number of cells; for when i doubled the no. of cells in x direction from 30 to 60. the x-bounds for the region reported by the paraview became 0.02!

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