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kd55 September 12, 2013 19:34

Reducing numerical diffusion in compressibleInterFoam

I am currently running some simulations using compressibleInterFoam on multiphase compressible flow.

I am trying to validate the numerics for my final simulations. I am running a validation case of advecting a liquid droplet through a domain using cyclic boundary conditions, and turning surface tension and viscosity effects off. Using the default settings in fvSchemes, I am getting severe deformation of the droplet (numerical diffusion).

Can anyone give me a starting point for the numerical schemes used for the divergence terms? or any other terms you would feel would make a big difference to my results. I have played about with crank-nicolson time stepping, and using vanLeer, linear, upwind for the convective terms in the continuity and momentum equations, but with no real success.

Any help would be appreciated.


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