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vivekcfd May 1, 2009 02:51

icoFsiFoam case needed

I am running a case of flexible pipe with icoFsiFoam. However, iterations are diverging after certain time-steps. IT seems something is not right in the choice of boundary conditions in OF esp on the solid side. I have already tested the case in ANSYS-CFX and I have no problem running it there. I wanted to compare OF results with the results of CFX (peroformance as well). Therefore, I am looking for a standard FSI test case for internal flows (I mean in the form of OF case files not papers or slides).

I have seen a few cases of FSI for flexible pipes/rubes by Openfoam on the net. For instance: "Fluid-Structure Interaction Approach in Hemodynamic Wall Shear Stress Analysis" by V. Kanyanta, A. Ivankovic, and A. Karac.

Can someone share such a test case (may not be exactly from the publication) so that it can become a standard test case for icoFsiFoam? That would be great.

thanks a lot.


ulli May 6, 2009 13:41

I didn't run FSI-cases with OpenFOAM yet but I think
the example:

icoStructFoam, a Fluid-Structure Interaction Solver

is rather close to your case.

If you are interested I can sent you a paper where I used ADINA for the transient blood flow cases (pulse wave velocity).


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