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Aleksey_R November 24, 2009 12:52

paraFoam running problem
Hello Colleagues.

I have a problem with ParaView running. When I try to maximize ParaView window OS hangs up. And then I can do nothing. I even can't close any application running.
Also, I can't visualize anything in ParaView. I can see neither mesh nor pressure maps I've counted in OpenFOAM. ParaView starts, opens OpenFOAM cases but visualizes nothing.
My system is 64-bit Suse 11.0. I've installed Qt-4.3.5 and recompiled ParaView and PV3FoamReader using Qt-4.3.5 but it didn't help me.

Please help me with my problem.

Best regards, Aleksey.

wyldckat November 25, 2009 08:53

Greetings Aleksey,

That looks to me either one of two possible problems:
- You have Compiz or Beryl running (3D accelerated window management, enabling some sweet woobly and shinny interface)
- The other possibility is your graphic card isn't properly installed in OpenSUSE... if you have an ATI card, check this post. For others, try searching it's name on this forum.

In case your OS seems to lock up, try Ctrl+Alt+F2 or other F's, to get a console window/terminal. F7 is the X terminal (windows and graphics). In case this also doesn't work, it is likely to be your graphic card's driver not correctly installed.

Also, try using the pre-built version of Paraview, to open VTK files. Use foamToVTK to export your case to VTK.

Hope these tips will help you fix the problem.
Best regards,

Aleksey_R November 27, 2009 19:18

I've switched on 3D-acceleration in SaX2 and my ParaView is working! Although, I have to use foamToVTK + paraview instead of ParaFoam.

Thanks a lot, Bruno!

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