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mecbe2002 December 30, 2011 01:25

Erosion modeling in OpenFOAM 2.1.0
Hi all,

I want to analyse erosion in pipe (gas+sand, oil+sand) using OF 2.1.0

To start with i planning to simulate a simple pipe elbow, please suggest the solver to use and any tutorials/doumentation for this.


mecbe2002 January 2, 2012 01:35

Hi all,

My problem is to simulate the gas+sand flow in a pipe+bend model to calculate the erosion rate, talking into account the following
  1. Effect of turbulence on the dispersion phase
  2. Lagragian formulation - effect of Drag and the force of gravity
Which Erosion model to use and which multi-phase solver to use ? Also how to include the various effect of turbulence etc..


wyldckat January 2, 2012 09:48

Greetings mecbe,

There are a lot of people on vacation right now, so here are a few tips from the little that I know of:
And that's about it. First one was found by searching here in the forum for "openfoam sand" and the second one for "openfoam grain".

I vaguely remember one about snow, but I haven't found it again.

Good luck!

mecbe2002 January 3, 2012 05:16

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the reply. The first post was useful, if u ve any doc's related to erosion modeling using OF, plz forward :)


mecbe2002 January 6, 2012 01:36

Pipe erosion modeling using Euler-Lagrange
Hi all,

I want to simulate "Erosion in pipe-elbow" using Euler-Lagrange model. Which multiphase solver in OpenFOAM is capable of doing this, also i want to include the effect due to "Temperature gradient (Thermophoretic effect), Saffman Lift force and Non-Spherical Drag Law.

I am interested in particle tracking and erosion rate of pipe.


mecbe2002 January 25, 2012 01:10

Any help ???

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