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short October 30, 2002 08:18

crash - help message
If PHOENICS crashes I get a black screen flash over the monitor disaply which subsequently disapears very quickly. I assume this message might point to the source of the problem. If so how can I get a longer look at the rapidly disappearing black screen.

Any suggestions?

John Ludwig October 30, 2002 14:16

Re: crash - help message
Here are some extracts from the PHOENICS Installation guide, TR110, the trouble shooting section. It is also on-line at ---------------- My windows under Windows95/98/NT open and close too quickly for me to be able to see the messages.

Edit the file \phoenics\d_allpro\cham.ini ('Files', 'Open file for editing','cham.ini' from environment top menu bar) and replace the line

pause = off


pause = on --------------- My compile window under Windows95/98/NT opens and closes too quickly for me to be able to see the error messages.

Edit the file \phoenics\d_utils\d_windf\compile.bat, and add /list to the argument list as follows:

@echo off

df /compile_only /debug:none /optimize:3 /list %1

You will now generate listing files for each file compiled. -------------------- PHOENICS starts but immediately stops. When I click on the PHOENICS icon, the PHOENICS-VR window appears and disappears almost immediately.

Check in the working directory for the file luout. If it exists, open it with Notepad or some other file editor. It may contain an error message - usually indicating that unlocking is incorrect --------------------

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