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akchetty July 27, 2018 10:10

Lagrangian-VOF Evaporation in Star CCM+
Hi, i am trying to simulate volatile liquid pentane droplet evaporation when it comes in contact with hot water. It is like spray of pentane droplets into hot water bath.

For this case, I have been trying to set up the case in star ccm+ v13 , where i define the droplets as lagrangian phase and water as eulerian phase. I also define the pentane vapor as eulerian phase. Now how should i define the three phases as ? Multicomponent liquids and multicomponent gas ? Also, i could choose quasi steady evaporation model after defining pentane liquid droplets as multi-component liquid but i could not assign the vapor components inside the evaporation model. When i click on the dropdown button to chose vapor components, it just says/shows none and the pentane vapor component does not show up at all. Is there any step i am missing ? Or can you guide me through the process of setting up this case ? Looking forward to you reply. Thank you

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