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Vyatscheslav September 29, 2005 09:59

Making couples is too long!
Hi, Iīve got a lot of couples to make do in my mesh (arbitrary couples), and the command CPAR takes a long time to operate. How could I speed up the process?
: Playing with tolerances?
: Do it in several times?
: ...? Or maybe itīs the sign there will be errors...?(but I donīt think so)

Thank you V

Anton Lyaskin October 2, 2005 04:51

Re: Making couples is too long!
Try to select only those cell, which will really participate in the matching process. CPAR looks for the couples in the current cell set.

som October 2, 2005 23:03

Re: Making couples is too long!
first go for crack check. then cell plot. it will show only those cells where u need to do couple. then from couple tool do it or from cpmatch cset.

Paulh October 5, 2005 16:44

Re: Making couples is too long!
Smalling up the cset is good advice. Also try using the 'Choose Attached Shell Types'. I've found that this helps create better couples.

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