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Far January 17, 2013 14:41

Email notification problem
Hi Admin

I am not receiving email notification on the subscribed thread. This is happening from today's evening.


pete January 18, 2013 04:15

Yes, we have had email problems on our server. First outgoing emails stopped working yesterday. We fixed that, but then we started having problems with incoming emails bouncing. For a few hours we were both deaf and dumb. I think that we have now solved these problems, but we are unsure of what caused this so problems might reappear.

Far January 18, 2013 12:39

problem is now solved. Thankyou.

A_Prakash November 16, 2013 13:30

Hello Admin,
I am having the same problem. It has been the case since past week. I am now manually checking the threads I am following.

Appreciate your help.

pete November 16, 2013 14:23

We have had a few email problems lately. I hope that the problems are now solved. Are you still not receiving any emails from us? Most people who have reported problems are now receiving their email.

A_Prakash November 16, 2013 17:23

Nope. Nothing yet.

pete November 18, 2013 17:25

We are having problems with emails sent to Hotmail, see:

This is a Hotmail problem and so far we do not have a solution.

A_Prakash November 19, 2013 10:44

Thank you, Pete. I have followed steps in the Hotmail Problems thread. I have added "" to safe sender list. Will have to wait and see if this option works...

A_Prakash November 21, 2013 03:32

UPDATE: I have started receiving email notifications after doing the following:
1. Added "" to contact list
2. Instructed Smart Filter to send emails with "" words in sender address to Inbox.

pete November 21, 2013 15:29

Great! Thanks for the feedback. I hope that someone else who had this problem can confirm this so that we know that it is a working solution for everyone.

If anyone else has tried this and got emails to work please post here or email us on

Maimouna February 18, 2015 07:09

Dear Peter,

I have the same problem; I didn't receive cfd emails, but when I checked manually I found some posts. I did added to my contact, but still I didn't receive. What could I do?

pete February 18, 2015 13:43

Sometimes hotmail sorts away our emails into the junk folder. Please check if you can find them there and if you find them there make sure to mark them as not junk.

diamondx March 3, 2015 10:14

hello everyone,
Recently I stopped receiving e-mails from cfd-online in hotmail. I check the junk folder, nothing there. I'm subscribed to thread. If someone can shoot me a private message, see if that works, I will report back

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