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alonzoo July 4, 2010 01:41

Intake manifold analysis
Hi,everyone,I have encountered a problem while running an analysis for an intake manifold in star ccm.the error message I received was as follows:
Sever error:a floating point has occurred:floating point exception.
And in the residuals window, all the residuals show solution divergence during the first iterations.
Below is my model information:
Geometry dimension:unit mm
Inlet:Diameter:27outlet:ares:380,length:70 section of pipe: ares:820 ,length:105;
mesh models:
surfaces remesherpolyhedral mesherprism layer mesher
reference values:
base size:5 prism layer thickness:2.5relative minimum size(surface size) :1 relative target size(surface size) :2others:default
physical models:
3DstationarysteadyIdeal gassegregated flowstandard k-Epsilon tuberlencehigh y plus wall treatment, click on incompressible in the ideal gas property window.
Reference values:deault
Initial conditions:
Pressure:750pa(half of the pressure difference between inlet and outlet) turbulence length scale:2 mmturbulent intensity:0.04others:default
Boundary conditions:
Inlet:stagnation . total pressure:1500pa.Outlet:pressure out pressure:0pa.
other parameters keep as initial conditions.

Vinicius July 4, 2010 14:32

Try to run some iterations using a velocity or mass flow rate at the inlet. It's better if you know one of these values. Then just go back to your pressure-pressure condition.

Maddin July 6, 2010 04:00

Ramp the pressure...

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