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Adding and Editing Books

Searching for Books

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Technical Issues

Adding and Editing Books

Q. How do I add a book to the database?

A. First, check that the book is not already in the database by searching be author or title. Then use the Register a New Book form on the main Books Guide page. Enter as much information as you have on the book, your name and email address so the editors can contact you if there are any questions about your submission, and press submit.

Q. I added a book to the Books Guide, but I can not find it. What happened to my submission?

A. When you submit a book or modify an existing book record, the information is first sent to the editors, who check the submission for accuracy and add any missing information. The submission will then be added to the Books Guide.

Q. A new version of a book is available. How do I add the new version?

A. Use the "Edit Book Record" button on the record for the old version of the book, and enter any information that is different in the new version. Be sure to add the new ISBN number.

Q. Why are some books missing information or cover images?

A. When books are entered into the database, the editors attempt to include as much information as possible. If you would like to add missing information or upload a cover image, simply select "Edit Book Record" on the book listing page.

Searching for Books and Reviews

Q. How do I search for Books and Reviews?

A. There are two ways to search for books. The "Quick Search" form is located near the top of each page, and can be used to perform simple searches for keywords, titles, authors, ISBN number, or publisher. The "Advanced Search" form can be used to perform searches for combinations of search terms, and can also be used to search for reviews.

Q. How do I sort the results of a search?

A. Choose the desired sort order from the "Sort By" field at the top of search results. Press the "Go" button to sort the results.

Q. How do I search only for books in a subject?

A. Select "Browse" from the navigation bar (near the top of each page), and choose the subject that you want to search in. In the "Quick Search" form change the search from "All Subjects" to "This Subject Only" using the pull-down menu. Enter your search to find books from the current subject. To find all books in the subject, leave the search field blank.

Q. Why can I find a book by its name or author, but not by it's ISBN number?

A. Only the newest versions of books are kept in the database, so an ISBN number for an older version will not be found in the search page. Try searching by author or title instead.

Reviewing Books

Q. How do I review a book?

A. First find the book you want to review using Quick Search or Advanced Search. Then select the "Write Your Own Review". Fill out the information on the Book Review Form, and press the Submit button to send your review to the editors.

Buying Books

Q. Do you sell the books in the CFD Books Guide?

A. No. We offer links to online bookstores which offer the books for sale. Please note that books go out of print and books sellers occasionally run out of a particular title, so some books may not be available for online purchase.

Technical Issues

Q. What browser do I need to use the CFD Books Guide?

A. The Books Guide will work in any browser, but it is best viewed in a browser that fully supports Cascading Style Sheets, such as Internet Explorer 5

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