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Country: Italy

PhD Studentships in Aeronautical and Space Engineering
Sapienza University, Dep. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD Studentship
Italy, Rome
Record Last Modified 12:15:10 Jun 26 2015, Closure Date Jul 22 2015
Read 1204 times
PhD Positions in Hluid Mechanics and Earth Science
University of Trieste
PhD Studentship
Italy, Trieste, Trieste
Record Last Modified 13:36:26 Jun 25 2015, Closure Date Jul 29 2015
Read 859 times
PhD positions in Cognitive, Social and Affective Neuroscience
Sapienza University, Department of Psychology
PhD Studentship
Italy, Rome
Record Last Modified 19:51:02 Jun 23 2015, Closure Date Jul 23 2015
Read 621 times
Post-doc position "Turbulence modulation by micro bubbles"
University of Udine
Job in Academia
Italy, Udine
Record Last Modified 10:31:48 May 05 2015, Closure Date Jun 30 2015
Read 965 times

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