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Country: France

PhD in Multiphase Flow Modelling
Aix Marseille University
PhD Studentship
France, Marseille
Record Last Modified 15:56:47 Jul 27 2014, Closure Date Nov 01 2014
Read 257 times
For UE PhD only
Job in Industry
France, Saint Zacharie
Record Last Modified 01:39:52 Jul 21 2014, Closure Date Jan 01 2015
Read 708 times
Study of the influence of ethanol addition in gasoline on the b
IFP Energies nouvelles
PhD Studentship
France, Paris
Record Last Modified 07:27:33 Jul 15 2014, Closure Date Sep 01 2014
Read 600 times
Identification of pollutant sources using inverse CFD modeling
University of Evry, LMEE Laboratory, MFE Group
PostDoc Position
France, Evry
Record Last Modified 09:08:08 Jul 02 2014, Closure Date Sep 15 2014
Read 676 times
Phd in turbulent combustion
Institut P' CNRS, ISAE-ENSMA and Poitiers University
PhD Studentship
France, Poitiers
Record Last Modified 07:53:23 Jun 16 2014, Closure Date Aug 31 2014
Read 1152 times
Finite volume goal-oriented mesh adaptation
ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab
PhD Studentship
France, Chatillon (close to Paris)
Record Last Modified 05:45:58 Jun 11 2014, Closure Date Jul 01 2014
Read 835 times
Post-doc in micro UAV design
PostDoc Position
France, Toulouse
Record Last Modified 22:52:31 Jun 04 2014, Closure Date Sep 01 2014
Read 1015 times
Experimental Supersonic Propulsion
Contract Work
France, Orleans
Record Last Modified 08:33:13 May 07 2014, Closure Date Jun 30 2014
Read 1196 times
Modelling of the direct reduction of iron ore
Institut Jean Lamour, Universite de Lorraine
PhD Studentship
France, Nancy
Record Last Modified 09:30:31 Apr 14 2014, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 923 times
Study of nanofluids sessile drops evaporation
Univesity of Valenciennes
PhD Studentship
France, Valenciennes
Record Last Modified 07:00:08 Mar 29 2014, Closure Date Jun 27 2014
Read 1123 times

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