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Please list all donated documents on this page. For more information on how to donate a text see this page.

Donated texts:

Add more donated documents here

Author: Tony Saad
Date written: Apr 2001
Date Reviewed: Dec 2005
Date donated: Dec 2005
Summary: This package includes an introduction to turbulence modeling covering first order models and second order models. A presentation is also included on the fundamental features of turbulent flows.
Author: Burley Wang
Date written: Dec 2000
Date donated: Nov 2005
Summary: This is an old Fluent FAQ written by Burley Wang for CFD Online back in 2000. The FAQ was never finished and it was never published either. It is based on questions and ansers found on the Fluent forum. Use it to cut-and-paste relevant things from into the Fluent FAQ.
Author: Jonas Larsson
Date written: Dec 1998
Date donated: Nov 2005
Summary: The first part of Jonas Larsson's PhD thesis from Chalmers University, Gothenburg. The thesis excludes papers which are copyrighted by ASME etc. It covers some basics on governing equations, turbine blade heat transfer and descriptions of several low-Re two-equation models (Chien model, Launder-Sharma, Nagano-Tagawa, Shih, ...) The report also includes various model improvements like the Kato-Launder modification, the Yap correction etc.
Author: Ioannis Nousis
Date written: Sep 2000
Date donated: Jan 2006
Summary: The MSc thesis of Ioannis Nousis at University UPMC, France. The work consists in validating a Reynolds stress turbulence closure on 2-D airfoil geometries for transonic compressible viscous flow regimes. Prediction of the aerodynamic performance of several airfoil test-cases (NACA 0012 - RAE 2822). Validation of the turbulence model against wind tunnel experiments. The experimental data bases used are included in the Annexes of the report. Key words: transonic viscous flows, numerical simulation, external aerodynamics, shoc wave-boundary layer interaction, biharmonic structured grid.

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