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Not all entries in refinementSurfaces dictionary were used

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Old   January 13, 2015, 07:08
Default Not all entries in refinementSurfaces dictionary were used
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will_ca is on a distinguished road
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to learn how to use snappyHexMesh.
I'm trying to mesh the quarter of a cylinder. I build that geometry in Salome and saved it as stl files.
I saved the different parts (wall, two symmetryplanes, inlet and outlet) as separate files and changed the file so that every surface has its name like this:
solid wall
<facet .>
endsolid wall

when I try to run snappyHexMesh I get the warning:

Reading refinement surfaces. 
 --> FOAM Warning :  
     From function refinementSurfaces::refinementSurfaces(..) 
     in file autoHexMesh/refinementSurfaces/refinementSurfaces.C at line 226 
     Reading "/home/cw591/OpenFOAM/cw591-2.3.0/run/testmesh2/system/snappyHexMeshDict.castellatedMeshControls.refinementSurfaces" from line 150 to line 154 
     Not all entries in refinementSurfaces dictionary were used. The following entries were not used :  
so it looks as if only the stl file that I use last in the geometry part of my snappyHexMeshDict (see below) is used.

I also tried making one stl file (vol.stl) that includes all surfaces with their names and then using just that, adding regions like in the part commented geometry part in the snappyHexMeshDict below. When I run that I get the same warning, but now none of the patches are used:

Not all entries in refinementSurfaces dictionary were used. The following entries were not used :  
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
I'd apreciate any help

My snappyHexMeshDict:
castellatedMesh true; 
 snap            true; 
 addLayers       false; 
     inlet.stl {type triSurfaceMesh; name inlet} 
     outlet.stl {type triSurfaceMesh; name outlet} 
     wall.stl {type triSurfaceMesh; name wall} 
     SymPlane1.stl {type triSurfaceMesh; name SymPlane1} 
     SymPlane2.stl {type triSurfaceMesh; name SymPlane2} 
   /*  vol.stl  
         type triSurfaceMesh;  
         name volume; 
             { name inlet;} 
             {name outlet;} 
             { name wall;} 
             { name SymPlane1;} 
             { name SymPlane2;} 
     // Analytical shape; cylinder, sphere 
         type searchableBox; 
         min (-0.01 -0.01 -0.5); 
         max ( 0.55 0.55 1.4); 
 // Settings for the castellatedMesh generation. 
     maxLocalCells 1000000; 
     maxGlobalCells 7000000; 
     minRefinementCells 10; 
     maxLoadUnbalance 0.10; 
     nCellsBetweenLevels 1; 
             file "inlet.eMesh"; 
         level 3; 
             file "outlet.eMesh"; 
         level 3; 
             file "wall.eMesh"; 
         level 3; 
             file "SymPlane1.eMesh"; 
         level 3; 
             file "SymPlane2.eMesh"; 
         level 3; 
                     // Surface-wise min and max refinement level 
             inlet {level (1 1);} 
             outlet {level (1 1);} 
             wall {level (5 6);} 
             SymPlane1 {level (5 6);} 
             SymPlane2 {level (5 6);}         
     // Resolve sharp angles 
     resolveFeatureAngle 80; 
             mode inside; 
             levels ((1E15 5)); 
     locationInMesh (0.01 0.01 0.01); 
     allowFreeStandingZoneFaces true;  
 // Settings for the snapping. 
     nSmoothPatch 3; 
     tolerance 4.0; 
     nSolveIter 30; 
     nRelaxIter 5; 
 // Settings for the layer addition. 
     relativeSizes true; 
             nSurfaceLayers 3; 
     expansionRatio 1.1; 
     finalLayerThickness 0.003; 
     minThickness 0.003; 
     nGrow 0; 
     // Advanced settings 
     featureAngle 60; 
     nRelaxIter 3; 
     nSmoothSurfaceNormals 1; 
     nSmoothNormals 3; 
     nSmoothThickness 2; 
     maxFaceThicknessRatio 0.5; 
     maxThicknessToMedialRatio 0.3; 
     minMedianAxisAngle 130; 
     nBufferCellsNoExtrude 0; 
     nLayerIter 50; 
     maxNonOrtho 65; 
     maxBoundarySkewness 20; 
     maxInternalSkewness 4; 
     maxConcave 80; 
     minFlatness 0.5; 
     minVol 1e-13; 
     minTetQuality 1e-30; 
     minArea -1; 
     minTwist 0.02; 
     minDeterminant 0.001; 
     minFaceWeight 0.02; 
     minVolRatio 0.01; 
     minTriangleTwist -1; 
     // Advanced 
     nSmoothScale 4; 
     errorReduction 0.75; 
 // Advanced 
 debug 0; 
 // Merge tolerance. Is fraction of overall bounding box of initial mesh. 
 // Note: the write tolerance needs to be higher than this. 
 mergeTolerance 1E-6;
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Old   July 29, 2015, 05:27
Default Not all entries in refinement Surfaces dictionary were used
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Surya Kiran
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peravali is on a distinguished road
I am meshing a propeller case. I didn't have a problem in model scale but when i am remeshing in full scale i am having the same error for one particular region. I am guessing it has something to do with the refinement parameters. Did u able to solve it later?

Last edited by peravali; July 29, 2015 at 05:31. Reason: title wrong
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not used, patches, refinementsurfaces, stl file

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