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Western PA ANSYS Users Group Meeting [Oct 7, 2022 at Cranberry, PA of Metro Pittsburgh]
on October 7th, 2022, the Western PA Ansys Users Group meeting is returning and will be in person!
Date: October 7, 2022
Location: United States
Softwares: ANSYS
Type of Event: Conference, National

We are very pleased to announce that on October 7th, 2022, 
the Western PA Ansys Users Group Meeting is returning and 
will be in person!  This event will bring together the 
Western PA User Group for the first time since 2019!

This group was formed and is run by users in the Western 
Pennsylvania Ansys community. The goal of the group is to 
bring Ansys users together to exchange ideas, network, 
obtain updates on new technology applying to FEA, problem 
solve, and socialize. Members of the group are made up of 
Ansys users from a variety of industries and universities 
from western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, and 

We are looking forward to hearing updates from the Group and 
the Ansys Customer Excellence (ACE) Engineering team.

As partners in simulation, we welcome the opportunity to 
have you speak on behalf of your company or institution. 
Joining a select group of thought leaders who will share 
their vision and experience in simulation and how Ansys has 
supported their innovations. Speakers will share a concrete 
example of how Ansys simulation was used to address 
challenges during the design, testing, and/or approval of 
your products. We want to provide an opportunity to showcase 
the incredible work your organization is doing while 
networking with like-minded, industry-focused peers!

The presentation length is ~30 minutes, and below is a 
framework that may make presentation development easier. 
With that said we welcome any content and are flexible on 
format and timing.

 Recommended Framework – ~30 mins  

•                     (~ 5 min) Introduction – Explain your 
role at Company and what your company is known for.

•                     (~ 10 mins) Challenges – What 
challenges did you experience during the design, testing, or 
approval of one of your products?   

•                     (~ 15 mins) Solution – How did you use 
simulation to address these challenges? What solvers? Did 
simulation uncover something that would not have been 
possible to detect otherwise? Can you share improvement 

•                     (~ 5 mins) Best Practices & Roadmap – 
What’s your advice and key takeaways for the audience? 
What’s next on your roadmap with simulation?

The event will take place at the RLA Center in Cranberry, 
PA. Here is the event page for further details:

Address: 850 Cranberry Woods Dr, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
Time:       Oct 7 2022, 8:15 am to 4 pm
If interested, please fill out this survey
SBDdonrJY4X3lODvJ7PWAjABFKy2DfWA/viewform. We will reach out 
to you with the next steps if you choose to present.

We hope to see you there, whether you choose to present or 
simply attend. It will be a great day for reconnecting with 
The Western PA Ansys Users Group and meeting some new 
simulation users. Also, help us expand our reach and update 
contacts so please forward to colleagues and others in your 

Thank you

WPA ANSYS Users Group

Event record first posted on September 16, 2022, last modified on September 25, 2022

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