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An overview of both free and commercial CFD software. Here you will find short descriptions of codes along with links to resources.

Note to contributers: Please try to keep descriptions short and to the point (approximately 200 words) and avoid long lists of features or capabilities. Also keep in mind that all contributions are considered to be released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 (see Project:Copyrights for details). Also note that all information should be verifiable and objective truths that also competitors to the code in question will agree upon. This is especially important if you are an employee of the company selling the code. See the CFD-Wiki:Policy for further information.


Free codes

This section lists codes that are in the public domain, and codes that are available under GPL, BSD or similar licenses.


Solver Mesh type(s) supported Last known version or year
ADFC -- ADFC homepage v3.0 / June 2013
Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics -- Solver homepage December 2007
arb -- arb homepageGMSH (.msh) N/A
CalculiX -- CalculiX homepage internal v2.14 April 2018
CaNS -- CaNS homepage a code for very fast massively-parallel DNS of canonical flows July 2019
CFD2D -- a 2D-solver for incompressible Navier-Stokes homepageBased on Triangle grid generator (see table below)
CFD2k -- CFD2k: a 2D-solver for compressible ideal gases - homepage
cfdpack -- A collection of academic codes | 2D/3D, FV, unstr, incomp, adjoint, parallel GMSH (.msh)
Channelflow -- Channelflow: a spectral Navier-Stokes simulator in C++ homepage
CLAWPACK -- CLAWPACK homepage A Finite Volume solver especially for phenomena governed by hyperbolic PDEs
Code_Saturne -- Code_Saturne homepageI-DEAS®, GMSH, Gambit®, Simail®, Salomé, Harpoon®, ICEM
COOLFluiD -- COOLFluiD homepage Component-based C++ platform for multi-physics (e.g. flow, plasma, radiation, chemistry, EM) simulation on heterogeneous HPC systemsGMSH, Gambit®, internal CFmesh format (ASCII or binary), TECPLOT unstructured (point-based format), GridPro
Diagonalized Upwind Navier Stokes -- DUNS homepage
Dolfyn -- dolfyn a 3D unstructured general purpose solver - homepage GMSH (.msh), ICEM, StarCD November 2018
Dune -- Distributed and Unified Numerics Evironment - homepage GMSH (.msh), StarCD
Edge -- Edge homepage: 2D & 3D compressible RANS / Euler flow solver on unstructured and hybrid grids.bmsh
ELMER -- ELMER homepage .unv (also with multiple body / surface attribution)
FDS -- FDS homepage
FeatFlow -- Fortran FEM based high-performance CFD solver FeatFlow (.tri/.prm) grid format
FEniCS -- FEniCS homepage A Python/C++ library for Finite Element Method. Requires knowledge of weak forms of governing equations Various types - Gmsh, Abaqus, Metis, Diffpack etc
FOILincom: A fast and robust program for solving two dimensional inviscid steady incompressible flows (potential flows) over isolated airfoils -- FOILincom homepage structured mesh (O-grid) April 2018
FOILcom: A fast and robust program for solving two dimensional subsonic (subcritical) inviscid steady compressible flows over isolated airfoils -- FOILcom homepage structured mesh (O-grid) June 2018
FLUBIO-PETSc: An unstructured, parallel, finite-volume based Navier–Stokes and convection–diffusion like equations solver -- FLUBIO homepage unstructured mesh (OpenFoam format) december 2021
FluidSim -- FluidSim documentation Modular, object-oriented Python package for high-performance computing. It comes with a collection of pseudo-spectral solvers; however is designed to be generic and extensible as a framework. 0.3.2 (November 2019)
FreeFEM -- FreeFEM homepage A FEM solver. Uses a C++-like language Gmsh (.msh), Medit (.mesh)
Gerris Flow Solver -- Gerris Flow Solver homepage
HiFlow³ -- HiFlow³ homepage
IBAMR -- IBAMR homepage A C++ library for Immersed Boundary method with Adaptive Mesh Refinement. Structured fluid mesh and unstructured mesh for immersed body.
IMTEK Mathematica Supplement (IMS) -- IMTEK Mathematica Supplement (IMS) homepage
iNavier -- iNavier Solver Home Page
ISAAC -- ISAAC Home Page
Kicksey-Winsey -- Kicksey-Winsey Home Page
KRATOS Multiphysics -- Kratos Home Page
MFIX -- Computational multiphase flow homepage
MFC -- MFC homepage 3D Finite-volume compressible code, shock-capturing, GPU accelerated, multi-phase/component. v4.3.6 (2023)
NaSt2D-2.0 -- NaSt2D-2.0 homepage
NEK5000 -- NEK5000 homepage
Nektar++ -- Nektar++ homepage
NSC2KE -- NSC2KE homepage
OneFLOW -- OneFLOW homepageOFLOW(.ofl); convert from cgns, plot3d
OpenFlower -- OpenFlower homepageGMSH (.msh)
OpenFOAM -- OpenFOAM homepage Internal "foam" format; convert from ansys, cfx4, dat, fluent3d, fluentMesh, gambit, gmsh, ideasUnv, kiva, msh, netgenNeutral, plot3d, samm, star3, star4, tetgen
OpenHyperflow2D -- OpenHyperflow2D homepage
OpenLB -- OpenLB homepage
OpenFVM -- OpenFVM homepage GMSH (.msh)
Palabos -- Palabos homepage
PETSc-FEM -- PETSc-FEM homepage Application-specific input (.dat)
PP3D -- parpp3d++ homepage
PyFR -- PyFR homepage
QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB® -- QuickerSim CFD homepage GMSH, MATLAB®-PDE Toolbox format
REEF3D -- REEF3D homepage
ReFRESCO -- ReFRESCO homepage. 3D multi-phase viscous-flow code (RANS,DDES,SAS,PANS,LES) for maritime applications Structured and unstructured grids. Cgns format. Converters for openFOAM, Icem-CFD, Ansys, Star-CCM, Gridpro, Pointwise, Hexpress.
Rheolef 1D 2D 3D finite elements, unstructured tri,quad,tet,hexa meshes (GMSH, BAMG)
Semtex -- Semtex homepage: 2D/3D spectral element/Fourier DNS Unstructured quad meshes
SLFCFD -- SLFCFD homepage
SU2 -- Stanford University Unstructured Homepage Internal "su2" format and cgns format
Taichi-LBM3D -- Cross-platform lattice Boltzmann method solver binary voxels
TCLB -- Cuda-based lattice Boltzmann method solver and more STL-files, binary voxels
Tochnog -- Tochnog homepage
TrioCFD -- homepage C++ code for 2D-3D incompressible and quasi-compressible, mono- and multiphase (Front-Tracking method) flows (RANS, LES, DNS) Structured and unstructured tetrahedric meshes (Gmsh, ICEM, Salome) 1.7.8 (19 dec. 2018)
TYCHO -- TYCHO homepage
Typhon solver -- Typhon solver homepage
Uintah Computational Framework -- Uintah homepage Structured
Vortexje -- Vortexje panel method code homepage GMSH (.msh), PLY, application specific

Grid generation

Generator Mesh type(s) supported Input filetypes supported
ChopMesh -- ChopMesh homepage PolyMesh, .cgns, .vtk, .msh, .su2 .stl
Delaundo -- Delaundo homepage.pts
Engrid -- Engrid homepage
GMSH -- GMSH hompage.msh
gridgen -- gridgen homepage
IA-FEMesh -- IA-FEMesh homepageABAQUS
NETGEN -- NETGEN homepage Neutral, Fepp2D, surfacemesh, solution.stl, .iges, .csg, .step
TETGEN -- TETGEN, .mesh, .smesh, .ele.node, .poly, .off, .stl, .mesh, .smesh, .ply
Triangle -- Triangle homepage(2D only) .node, .ele, .poly, .area
TwinMesh -- Twinmesh homepage .cfx5.iges, .csv


Solver coupling


Commercial codes


Grid generation



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