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Links - Mesh Generation

This section contains links to selected resources in mesh generation. To suggest a link to be included in this section please use the online link suggestion form. You are of course also welcome to contact us directly via email at


General Resources

Mesh Generation & Grid Generation on the Web [GOOD]
Information on mesh generation: people, research groups, literature, conferences, software, open positions and related topics. Maintained by Robert Schneiders. This is a very good and current site! If you need more information on grid generation then this is the first place you should look!
Meshing, CFD-Wiki
A growing section in CFD-Wiki about mesh generation for CFD applications. Please add and review information yourself to this public resource!
CFD Online > Links > Software > Mesh Generation [GOOD]
Links to several good overviews of mesh-generation sofware
Numerical Grid Generation, Foundations and Applications [GOOD]
This classical book by Joe F. Thompson is now available in full text directly online. A very good reference for structured grids.
Meshing Jobs Database
Advertising open positions in the field of mesh and grid generation. This is a free service offered by CFD Online.
International Society of Grid Generation
Organizes and coordinates various activities in grid generation.
International Meshing Roundtable [GOOD]
IMR is a mesh generation conference sponsored by the Sandia National Laboratories. This conference has been an annual event for more than 20 years. You can download papers directly from their website.
A Reflection on Grid Generation in the 90s: Trends, Needs, and Influences
By Joe F. Thompson. A very nice overview of where grid generation stands today and what is coming in the future. Includes 270 references!
Paul Heckbert's Collection of Mesh Generation Links
Used to be okay but now it is very old. It has not had any major updates since 1998 (Jan 2012),
Bibliography on Mesh Generation and Optimal Triangulation
A searchable bibtex database by Alf-Christian Achilles. It was compiled for The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies .
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Selected Projects

Generation and Refinement of Unstructured Mixed-Element Meshes in Parallel.
An elliptic grid generator for CFD. Designed to replace GRIDGEN3D. 3DMAGGS was derived from the 3DGRAPE code, but has a number of new features. Free for US citizens. Also check out VGM, a volume grid manipulation tool.
QMG Mesh Generation Package
A 3D unstructured mesh generator written in C++/Matlab. Can't handle curved boundaries yet (May 28, 1996). Has a lot of documentation in html format!
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Develops and markets software for pre- and post-processing of CFD. Now owned by Ansys, Inc.
BETA CAE Systems S.A.
Develops and sells ANSA - a pre-processing tool.
Cambridge Flow Solutions, Ltd.
Develops and sells BOXERMesh - an unstructured CFD mesher.
Computational Simulation Software, LLC
Develops and sells Trelis - a CAD toolkit to generate volume and surface meshes. Trelis is based on Cubit, developed for Sandia National Laboratories.
Numeca Int.
Develops and sells IGG and IGG-Autogrid - multi-block structured grid generators especially focused on turbomachinery applications.
Pointwise, Inc.
Software and services centered around the Pointwise and Gridgen software.
Program Development Company
Develops and markets GridPro - a multi-block structured grid generator for CFD and structural mechanics.
Sharc, Ltd.
Develops and sells Harpoon - an automatic hex-dominant mesher that has become popular for very complex geometries.
XYZ Scientific Applications, Inc.
Develops and sells TrueGrid - a program to tessellate a geometric model into hexahedron brick elements and quadrilateral shell elements.
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