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Country: Canada

Research master in ground water sludge treatment by CFD
Université de Sherbrooke
Job in Academia
Canada, Québec, Sherbrooke
Record Last Modified 22:27:03 Dec 07 2018, Closure Date Jan 31 2019
Read 484 times
Postdoctoral fellow in modelling of microflow in porous media
Athabasca University
PostDoc Position
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton
Record Last Modified 21:37:46 Oct 29 2018, Closure Date Dec 01 2018
Read 1030 times
PhD/MASc in CFD, Materials, Control, Aerospace
University of Windsor
PhD Studentship
Canada, Ontario, Windsor
Record Last Modified 13:57:35 Oct 15 2018, Closure Date Jan 01 2019
Read 1929 times
Multiple PhD positions
The University of British Columbia
PhD Studentship
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Record Last Modified 21:12:53 Sep 28 2018, Closure Date Nov 30 2018
Read 2222 times
MASc/PhD position in CFD applied to Coronary Artery Disease
University of Toronto, Modelics Lab
PhD Studentship
Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Record Last Modified 22:52:27 Sep 24 2018, Closure Date Feb 11 2019
Read 3526 times
Ph.D. in Computational FSI for Vascular Applications
University of Calgary
Job in Academia
Canada, AB, Calgary
Record Last Modified 22:42:03 Aug 16 2018, Closure Date Jan 01 2019
Read 1264 times
Postdoctoral position
Polytechnique Montreal
Job in Academia
Canada, Montreal
Record Last Modified 16:15:08 Aug 03 2018, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1954 times

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