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Category: Job in Academia

PhD in Multi-phase for sustainability improvement
SiSSA in collaboration with Electrolux
Italy, Trieste
Record Last Modified 13:16:42 Oct 20 2021, Closure Date Oct 28 2021
Read 300 times
PhD: Extreme response in numerical and experimental wave tanks
Centrale Nantes & IIT Madras
France, Nantes
Record Last Modified 17:52:21 Oct 18 2021, Closure Date Nov 22 2021
Read 431 times
Lab technician / Staff Scientist
acib Gmbh / BOKU Vienna
Austria, Vienna
Record Last Modified 07:17:12 Oct 15 2021, Closure Date Dec 15 2021
Read 767 times
Project Associate
Indian Institute of Technology Goa
India, Goa
Record Last Modified 17:30:50 Oct 07 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1155 times
Aalto University, Research Group of Energy Conversion
Finland, Helsinki
Record Last Modified 15:11:58 Oct 07 2021, Closure Date Dec 01 2021
Read 1135 times
Modelling and simulation of a chemical reactor
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Spain, Barcelona
Record Last Modified 12:30:18 Oct 04 2021, Closure Date Nov 16 2021
Read 1151 times
Post doctoral researcher (Research Professor) in CFD
Seoul National University of Science and Technology
South Korea, Seoul, Seoul
Record Last Modified 03:57:56 Sep 30 2021, Closure Date Dec 01 2022
Read 1131 times
High Performance Computing (HPC) for Digital Twins
University of Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Record Last Modified 09:47:23 Sep 29 2021, Closure Date Dec 01 2021
Read 1059 times
Postdoc - Application of Deep Learning to Combustion Processes
University of Stuttgart
Germany, Stuttgart
Record Last Modified 09:28:33 Sep 27 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 2416 times
Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Position
Virginia Tech
United States, Virginia, Blacksburg
Record Last Modified 17:40:11 Sep 21 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 883 times
Post Doctoral/Researcher post in particles based parallel comp.
Indian Institute of Science
India, Karnataka, Bangalore
Record Last Modified 13:04:44 Sep 15 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 690 times
PhD position in Computational Fluid Dynamics
University of Nottingham Malaysia
Malaysia, Selangor, Semenyih
Record Last Modified 05:51:57 Sep 14 2021, Closure Date Jan 31 2022
Read 798 times
Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation Engineer (KTP Associate)
University of Exeter/SMART Manufacturing Ltd
United Kingdom, Devon, Bideford
Record Last Modified 15:13:24 Sep 06 2021, Closure Date Oct 18 2021
Read 736 times
Research Engineer in Scientific Computing for Materials Science
Institut Jean Lamour
France, Nancy
Record Last Modified 18:09:35 Sep 03 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1044 times
Research Associate Physics-informed Blood Flow Reconstruction
Imperial College London
United Kingdom, London
Record Last Modified 09:41:59 Aug 31 2021, Closure Date Sep 19 2021
Read 862 times
multiple PhD scholarship in CFD
Mechanical Engineering, University of Maine
United States, Maine, Orono
Record Last Modified 17:08:03 Aug 25 2021, Closure Date Aug 01 2022
Read 1269 times
Reinforcement Learning for Robust Flow Control
Heriot-Watt University - School of Energy and Geoscience
United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh
Record Last Modified 16:52:10 Aug 23 2021, Closure Date Sep 13 2021
Read 920 times
Postdoctoral fellow to examine Soft cell/bacterial motion
Computational Flow Physics Lab., Gyeongsang National University
South Korea, Gyeongnam, Jinju
Record Last Modified 17:40:02 Aug 22 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1808 times
Postdoctoral scholar/PhD - image processing, hemodynamics
University of Missouri
United States, MO - Missouri, Columbia
Record Last Modified 00:09:28 Aug 01 2021, Closure Date Dec 30 2021
Read 1349 times
Research assistant in CFD and sediment transport modeling
TU Braunschweig
Germany, Lower Saxony, Braunschweig
Record Last Modified 14:12:49 Jul 29 2021, Closure Date Sep 16 2021
Read 1857 times
Software Developer
Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapo
Singapore, Singapore
Record Last Modified 03:54:34 Jul 28 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1572 times
Research Scientist and PhD Fellowship in Multiphase Flow CFD
Guangdong Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
China, Guangdong, Shantou
Record Last Modified 10:11:39 Jun 29 2021, Closure Date Oct 01 2021
Read 2945 times
Researcher (Postdoctoral) – Simulation of Fuel Cell
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
United States, Massachusetts, Lowell
Record Last Modified 21:40:49 Jun 28 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1339 times
Post doctoral researcher
Seoul National University of Science and Technology
South Korea, Seoul, Seoul
Record Last Modified 08:00:54 Jun 24 2021, Closure Date Oct 31 2021
Read 1348 times
PhD and MSc positions - OpenFOAM/Optimization
University of Minho, Department of Polymer Engineering
Portugal, Guimaraes
Record Last Modified 13:18:22 Jun 23 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1585 times
PhD in Dynamics of Atmosphere and Climate
Goethe University Frankfurt
Germany, Frankfurt
Record Last Modified 17:38:32 Jun 17 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 1315 times

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