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Category: Internship

Reduced Order Models of a thermofluid system in aero jet engine
Chair of Aero Engine Design (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)
Germany, Brandenburg, Cottbus (near to Berlin)
Record Last Modified 13:33:28 Jun 05 2018, Closure Date Jun 28 2018
Read 1333 times
Numerical investigation of the blood flows through heart valves
Ecole Centrale de Nantes, LHEEA/CNRS
France, Loire-Atlantique, Nantes
Record Last Modified 18:35:30 Jun 01 2018, Closure Date Feb 01 2019
Read 757 times
OpenFoam Expert
NuPhysics Consulting Ltd.
Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Record Last Modified 07:54:30 May 17 2018, Closure Date Jun 29 2018
Read 828 times
CFD internship in High-fidelity simulation
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Germany, Brandenburg, Cottbus
Record Last Modified 11:50:43 May 16 2018, Closure Date Jun 30 2018
Read 824 times
Data analysis intern for a wind-energy project
Columbia University
United States, NY, New York
Record Last Modified 07:43:05 May 08 2018, Closure Date Jun 01 2018
Read 893 times
Modeling and Simulation Summer Intern
Placers (at W.L. Gore)
United States, Elkton, Maryland
Record Last Modified 20:32:35 Mar 26 2018, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1290 times
MSc Thesis: CFD modeling and simulation of indoor air pollution
IMT Lille Douai, Energy Engineering Department
France, Haut-de-France, Douai (40 Km to Lille city)
Record Last Modified 09:37:59 Mar 19 2018, Closure Date May 31 2018
Read 1230 times

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