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Country: France

Mass transfer from core-shell cylinders subjected to flow
China Scholarship Council / UT Compiegne (France)
PhD Studentship
France, Compiegne
Record Last Modified 16:52:37 Oct 21 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 251 times
PhD with Airbus on LES for aeroacoustics in cavities
Airbus and ISAE-Supaero
PhD Studentship
France, Toulouse
Record Last Modified 17:36:44 Oct 20 2021, Closure Date Dec 31 2021
Read 539 times
PhD: Extreme response in numerical and experimental wave tanks
Centrale Nantes & IIT Madras
Job in Academia
France, Nantes
Record Last Modified 17:52:21 Oct 18 2021, Closure Date Nov 22 2021
Read 431 times
Unsteady CFD simulations of ships in waves
Ecole Centrale de Nantes
PostDoc Position
France, Nantes
Record Last Modified 10:25:52 Sep 08 2021, Closure Date Oct 01 2021
Read 1027 times
Research Engineer in Scientific Computing for Materials Science
Institut Jean Lamour
Job in Academia
France, Nancy
Record Last Modified 18:09:35 Sep 03 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1044 times
Development of an adaptive Hybrid RANS/LES methodology
University of Pau-CNRS, applied mathematics department
PostDoc Position
France, Pau
Record Last Modified 15:37:35 Jul 20 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 1114 times
High-fidelity simulation of internal flow in a fluidic actuator
DynFluid Lab (Arts et metiers Institute of Technology Paris)
PostDoc Position
France, Paris
Record Last Modified 11:51:41 Jun 17 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 1440 times

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