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Simerics-MP+ 5.0 Released

Posted By: Simerics, Inc.
Date:Thu, 20 Jun 2019, 6:48 a.m.

Simerics, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 5.0 of Simerics-MP+ (formerly PumpLinx) CFD software. The centerpiece of the latest release is a multi-node, distributed memory parallel solver, yielding blazing computational speeds. The model set-up time is fast due to minimum time spent in CAD preparation as well as user friendly templates. Accurate results are obtained while preserving the track record of robustness. Together with other innovations, the rapid expansion in the capabilities of the software continues unabated.

About Simerics MP+

Simerics-MP+ is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software developed and sold by Simerics, Inc. with offices in Seattle, Detroit, Stuttgart and Bangalore. The software can be used to simulate and analyze a wide range of components and systems and drive product design and development. It is used across industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, hydraulic, turbomachinery, semiconductor etc.

Advantages: The key advantages are two-fold. First, the speed of both model setup and run times are often several-fold greater than the state of the art which together with robustness provide the user with compelling efficiency gains. Second, a wide range of applications can be simulated (some of which cannot be simulated using alternative software), thus, providing the user with a technological advantage. All this while solving the complete set of time dependent three-dimensional transport equations of mass, momentum, energy and species.

Applications: Simerics-MP+ can be used to simulate a wide range of three-dimensional CFD system level and component models. 1.System examples include complete 3D-CFD models of engine cooling, lubrication, fuel delivery etc. 2.Component examples include e-motors, batteries, heat exchangers, turbochargers, aircraft landing gear, electronic cooling, fuel injectors, gear boxes, bearings, after-treatment, fans, thermostat etc. 3.Vehicle CFD examples include external aero, thermal, cabin comfort, windshield deicing, brake cooling, induction system, water fording, fuel tank filling, cooling system filling, exhaust system etc. 4.Marine examples include modeling complex maneuvers of planing and displacement hulls as well as modeling propellers, water jets etc. 5.Pumps: Vane, Variable Vane, Gerotor, Crescent, External Gear, Radial Piston, Bent Axis Piston, Progressive Cavity, Swash Plate Piston, Rolling Piston, Variable Flow Gear etc. 6.Compressors: Scroll, Lobe, Single Screw, Twin Screw, Rolling Piston, Reciprocating, Vacuum etc. 7.Valves: Spool, Control, Release, Ball, Poppet, Flip, Axial, Circumferential etc.

Physics: Superior physics include unstable transient flows, multi-phase flows, conjugate heat transfer, radiation heat transfer, flows through narrow gaps of microns, predict motion of solid regions using FSI (fluid-solid interaction), cavitation, aeration, non-Newtonian flows etc.

Validation: The software has been extensively validated with measurements for various applications and physics.

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