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Flownex 2014 Released ! : Thermal Fluid Software Flownex 2014

Posted By: Santhosh N L
Date:Sun, 22 Jun 2014, 7:59 a.m.

Virtual to Reality: Flownex 2014 Version to support thermal fluid engineers with enhanced capabilities for more realistic simulation.

M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd, SA Released Flownex 2014 version recently with major enhancements to support the thermal fluid engineers where complexity & accuracy meet ease of use.

28 years ago Flownex® was brought to life by Professor Gideon Greywenstein; he had a vision to produce a tool that would create extraordinary value through engineering excellence. Flownex® has ever since strived to keep his words true, and 2014 is a year that will resonate his vision.


• Gas turbine secondary flow modelling: Flownex® 2014 enables users to apply the unparalleled stability, solution speed and accuracy to detailed modelling of secondary flow in gas turbines. The key features include Swirl solver, rotating cavities, vortices, seals and rotating channel modelling.

• Steam turbine modelling : (ellipse-law used to determine characteristics) HP, IP and LP Reaction Steam Turbines, as well as the HP Governing Stage Steam Turbine components have been added to the turbo machinery library. These components use the ellipse-law for flow-pressure dependency and additionally enable the prediction of efficiencies without user specified performance charts. This allows users to accurately model steam turbines with minimal inputs.

• GIS IMPORTING AND COORDINATE SYSTEM DRAWING The ability to import GIS data substantially reduces the time required setup and define pipeline systems, within a matter of seconds users can model thousands of kilometres of pipelines in Flownex®. In addition users can specify the location of components using GPS latitude and longitude coordinates and overlay networks on maps.

• SUPERSONIC FLOW The addition of a supersonic nozzle component allows users to accurately simulate shockwaves and propulsion systems.

• SCRIPTING (Simplified): Scripting your own components has never been easier. The new quick script functionality in Flownex® allows users to script a component without any knowledge of C sharp.

• 3D DRAWING & IMPORTING: After importing DXF files and shape files, users can visualize and modify systems using our new 3D drawing canvas.

TIAAN DERCKSEN – PRINCIPAL, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT says “ It is unbelievable what we have achieved in the last 12 months; our approach of working closely with our clients and industry professionals to enhance Flownex®’s capabilities has once again proven itself and allowed us to deliver a product that is well aligned to the ground-breaking advances our users are achieving.”

Mr. Santhosh N L – Director, DHIO Research and Engineering Pvt Ltd., Bangalore Flownex Indian Partner expressed said, “We are thrilled with the new developments of Flownex 2014 and definitely Indian thermal Fluid engineers will enjoy the ease of use with enhanced technical capabilities. Flownex always comes out with customer oriented developments and breakthrough research in technology up gradation. And we are confident of its capabilities in supporting modeling complex systems, subsystems and detailed component level simulation in a realistic way. It will be a great tool in reducing the time, cost and material for Indian Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Auto, Aero, Space, Process and General engineering companies by supporting the virtual simulation with high accuracy before they make the prototype. Definitely Flownex 2014 gives more opportunity for Indian Engineers to explore and enhance more research opportunities, we are looking forward for the same.”

Flownex® Simulation Environment delivers technology that enables you to study how systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor. Flownex® system simulation relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing clients to examine extensively all possible variations in the design and optimization of systems.


On a global scale leading organizations apply our software and service offerings to achieve maximum potential of their systems both in design and operational states. Our promise of fast reliable and accurate system and subsystem-level simulation has immensely benefited our clients. The use of our technology has set our clients apart from their competitors allowing them to pursue frontiers of engineering simulation. The global demand for Flownex® has shown exponential growth over the last few years, and as more organizations adopt our technology, we are continuously striving to push the boundaries in system simulation.

Capabilities • Simple/complex systems simulation • System optimization • Commissioning assistance • Investigative simulations • Component performance assessment • Concept design • Technical feasibility studies • Root cause analysis • Thermal-hydraulic designs

Simulation has revolutionized flow and heat transfer dependent systems over the past decades by minimizing costly physical testing and accelerating time to operation around the world. But for many companies, such simulation has largely focused on components and proved to be very time consuming. The technology advancements delivered by Flownex SE now offer a fast, reliable and accurate total system and subsystem approach to simulation.

For More details, Contact Santhosh NL, Director, DHIO Research and Engineering Pvt Ltd., +91 9591994642, 9900138009,

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