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CFD & Ancient Hindu Science (From Vedas, Yoga & Spirituality)

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CFD & Ancient Hindu Science (From Vedas, Yoga & Spirituality)

Posted October 29, 2015 at 01:49 by adarsh tiwari
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Hi, Friends. I know you must be curious to know why my blog title is bit weird. Believe me, I have not gone crazy nor am I trying to break my promise of writing blogs on Turbulence model.

Last two weeks, I was on pilgrimage with a 70-year-old young and handsome man (My Grandpa) and 68-year-old young and beautiful lady (My Grandma). They are typical ‘Hindu’ by birth, karma and ‘Samskara’ while, I am a ‘Hindu-Shaivite’ who in many aspects appears as an Atheist. This blog I am writing as my new discovery on CFD and the in-born spirituality in every single atom in this universe. It is not much about technical details but is about the probable inception of CFD and further development in Vedic Sciences. I hope, from this blog you will get some insight about the future of CFD or rather the complete Simulation Science.

Vedic Science and Yoga

Let’s first talk briefly about Hinduism, Vedas and Yoga. Hindus believe that the first sound of the universe is ॐ (OM) and it is the divine sound that represents ‘Singularity’. Recently, I have viewed a lot of videos which claim that NASA has recorded the ‘Sound of Sun’ as ‘ॐ (OM)’. Further, Vedas are referenced as the ‘Source Of Knowledge’. There are several facts about the ancient Hindu flying machines (Vimanas), they claim to be operated on Solar Energy and Mercury-based Engines. More can be read on the English Translation of ‘The Vimanika Shastra by Maharshi Bharadwaaja’. The English translation was done by G. R. Josyer. Also, it has been proved by ‘Aryabhatta’ more than 800 years earlier than Newton, that Earth is having an attractive force (Gurutvakarshan Balam) and it revolves around the Sun. I know what you might be thinking, but ya, this is the same guy who invented ‘Zero’.

Now, from Vedic Studies Aryabhatta has written ‘Lilavati’, ‘Aryabhatia’, Suryasiddhanta’. Further, Vedic Mathematics has emerged as the shortest and most convenient way of doing calculations. (This is now acting as a backbone for most of the CAT and MAT aspirants ).

In our Yuga (Kaliyuga), we have made huge calculation machines (computers) which are fast and reliable. We have developed equations (mostly PDE) for replicating the physical phenomenon. Vedic Mathematics has answers for PDEs in most reliable and easy steps. Vedic Science has a description of the technology. We have people who understand ‘Sanskrit’ and we also have technologists who can do miracles.


The point I am trying to make here is, we can solve the equations we want with the methods described in Vedic Mathematics. Further, we can fabricate our technology with the help of Vedic Science. Computational Fluid Dynamics is all about solving PDE in fast, accurate and reliable manner. Using Vedic Methods could be a new trend in CFD.

Some of you may think, how this is going to work? But believe me, these are the most powerful techniques but are underestimated. The recent example being, ‘YOGA’. Yoga has transformed the modern lifestyle, people are moving towards yoga for relaxation and freshness. Earlier it was underestimated but now it is blossoming like in Vedic days.

This blog I have written to convey a message that we are going to ‘Transform the World’. Now it’s your turn you can wait outside and watch or come with us to help in transforming the world. Accept it or not, the future is ‘simplicity’. Join us and make sense.

To know more please write us at


1. . Youtube is an open-source for videos and anybody can post anything hence, the validity of this video can be doubtful. But, these videos have given a new direction to me, for sure.


3. Comments are same as above.
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    Dude, I have recently read about [URL=""]om symbol[/URL]. As I know some translate it "the word of God" maybe because nowadays yoga has turned to be something more or maybe not for our people. I agree with your opinion, that yoga is perceived as a meditation and relaxation. Moreover, the om symbol you can see everywhere to business logos, religious texts, street corner merchandise. People suggest that this symbol is like their symbol for intense love they have for yoga. I would say that it's more like a hobby for rich people. All my yoga trainer colleagues are telling me that fewer people understand how deep is yoga. It's like another religion!
    Posted September 2, 2020 at 18:37 by Docamer Docamer is offline
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