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Job Record #14598
TitlePostdoc, psbl. promotion to permanent (turbulence, particles)
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerSun Yat-Sen University
LocationChina, Zhuhai
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure Date* None *
Type of positions: research fellow type I & II (特聘研究员/特聘副研究员), postdoctoral fellow 
(博士后),Phd studentship.

Research area:  Experimental and/or computational and/or theoretical fluid mechanics 
related to turbulent flows, droplet/particle interaction with turbulence, microphysics of 
turbulent atmospheric cloud, atmospheric turbulence.

Brief introduction: Fluid turbulence is often quoted as the last unsolved problem in classical 
physics, a statement usually associated with R.P. Feynman (Nobel prize in Physics). 
Turbulent flows and interaction between turbulence and particle/droplets is at the heart of 
many processes in nature such as in the atmosphere (clouds, pollutants motion, weather-
climate feedback etc.) and many engineering processes such as inside combustion 
engines, chemical and food processing, aircraft flights etc. However fundamental 
understanding of these subject is challenging and represents the forefront of scientific 
inquiry, owing to the non-linear and complex nature of these problems. Our lab aims at 
better understanding turbulence and particle-turbulence interaction (with emphasis in 
either atmospheric or engineering processes) using cutting-edge experimental and/or 
computational methods and theoretical considerations. 
Sample projects: observing droplet/particle motion and collisions in turbulence chamber 
via cutting-edge experiments or numerical simulation (e.g. using the Tianhe-2 
supercomputer); numerical simulation and fundamental analysis of turbulent flows, with or 
without particles; designing new experimental tools or techniques to observe 
particle/droplet dynamics in atmospheric clouds; designing and/or conducting wind-tunnel 
experiments to observe pollution dispersion turbulent environments (or via simulation) etc. 
Exact project to be designed based on interest/ability of candidates. 

About the institution: Sun Yat-Sen University is among the top-ten universities in China and 
is included in the ambitious national initiative by the Chinese Government to create a rank 
of “first class” universities by international standard. The position will be at the School of 
Atmospheric Science in the beautiful coastal Zhuhai campus. The School is a focal point of 
the current phase of development of SYSU and thus continuously receives generous 
investments. The city of Zhuhai, next to Macau and Hong Kong, is a top tourist destination 
in China thanks to its coastline and “balanced” development.

About the research advisor: Ewe-Wei Saw, Thousand-Young Talent professor at the School 
of Atmospheric Science, Sun Yat-Sen University (Zhuhai), obtained his Phd. in Physics from 
Michigan Tech. University (USA). He previously worked at research institutes such as 
Cornell University (USA), Max Planck Institute in Germany and Commission of Atomic 
Energy (CEA), Observatoire de La Cote d’Azur in France. Dr. Saw research interest pertains 
to Fluid Dynamics of Turbulent Flows, Droplet/particle Dynamics in turbulent flows and 
Cloud Microphysics. He has published research articles in well respected scientific journals 
such as Nature-communications, Physical Review Letters, BAMS etc. Dr. Saw is a fluent 
speaker in English and Mandarin (non-technical) and have a flexible working style 
influenced by European/American characteristics.


- Candidate’s background: Mechanics/mechanical engineering, Physics, Atmospheric 
science, Computational Science/engineering, or related field. Candidate with strong 
background in programming (Python, Fortran etc.) and/or experimental or engineering work 
are encouraged to apply. Candidates without closely relevant background but could 
demonstrate strong interest or strong academic background/potential will also be duly 
considered. Doctoral degree is required for application of research/postdoc fellow. For 
computationally inclined applicants, prior experience with numerical simulations (DNS, LES, 
lattice Boltzmann) of turbulence and/or parallel computation would be highly desired. 
Candidates with partial interest in experimental work are encouraged to apply.

- Successful candidates should be a proactive, responsible person, able to work 
independently, with keen interest in scientific research and/or academic success.  
Candidates should have decent communication and writing skills in English. Knowledge of 
Mandarin might be helpful.

(Age limitation may apply to all programs.)

Research fellow type I: Competitive annual salary RMB 220-260,000+, social 
security coverage^. 3 years contract with possibility of extension or promotion to associate 
professor. Details: .

Research fellow type II: Competitive annual salary RMB 160-200,000**+, social 
security coverage^. 3 years contract with possibility of extension or promotion to associate 
professor. Details: .

Postdoctoral fellow: competitive annual income (up to about RMB 340,000 for holder of 
PhD from top-200 university worldwide [THE ranking] obtained within the last 2 years ***); 
otherwise about RMB 240,000 + housing/food subsidy +**, with possibilities to apply for 
various governmental incentive programs), social security coverage^. 3 years contract with 
possibility of extension or promotion to higher positions (fellows or beyond). Transitional 
housing will be provided.

***Applicant with prestigious background but come short of satisfying these requirements 
may still qualify for other (intermediate) salary boost package. 

**Additional bonus  (possibly up to ~50K/year starting 2nd year, depending on performance 
and funding situation).  

^Coverage system changes based on nationality.

Research assistant: please enquire.

Contacts: For enquiries and to apply, please used the website's tool or email (in English or 
Mandarin) to ewsaw3##gmail[dot]com (change ## to @, [dot] to "."). For application of 
research fellow and postdoc, please submit a short cover letter (describe background, 
interest etc.) and a CV (specify current age and citizenship).

Deadline: continuously hiring...

Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #14598 when responding to this ad.
Nameewe-wei saw (replace ## as @)
Email ApplicationYes
AddressSYSU, Zhuhai.
Record Data:
Last Modified10:15:49, Thursday, May 16, 2019

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