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Job Record #15645
TitlePhD- Advanced numerical modeling of aeroengine injection system
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerCORIA laboratory - CNRS, Normandy University
LocationFrance, Normandy, Rouen
InternationalNo, only national applications will be considered
Closure DateFriday, March 15, 2019

The present PhD is part of an important scientific European project CHAiRLIFT.
The main objective is to propose new technologies for aeroengine in order to
achieve clean propulsion for aeronautic industry.  Within an exciting consortium
of research that includes four institutes of research in EUROPE (from Germany,
Italy and France) your duty is to bring top of the art simulation tools to
support the development of the new engine configuration.  This is a great
opportunity to develop your skill in terms of numerical simulations, aeroengine
technologies, international relationship and project management. In addition,
the candidate has the opportunity to develop his own network in Europe both in
academic research and with the industrial from the main aeronautic company that
are following and supporting this project. 

The present PhD will take place at the CNRS-CORIA laboratory that belongs to the
University of Rouen-Normandy. The CORIA is an important worldwide known unit for
fluid mechanics and reactive system that employs more than one hundred
researchers. Regarding numerical simulations, the CORIA has access to top of the
art scientific computing resources.  The CORIA, is organized in three
departments, in particular the department TASC include the team on Atomization
and Spray that will welcome you. This team has been considered at the
international level with many scientific publications addressing all domains
regarding spray: experiments, diagnostics, theory and numerical simulations. Up
to fifteen researchers compose the numerical spray team. Strong interactions
within the team is favored and team meetings occur twice a month where you have
the opportunity to present and discuss your research outcomes regularly. Travels
to conferences and dedicated formations are also strongly encouraged. Advisors
for this PhD will be Dr Duret, Pr. F.-X. Demoulin and Pr. J Réveillon.
From an academic point of view, the CORIA is part of the University of
Rouen-Normandy where the PhD student will be registered as a student of Ecole
Doctorale - ED 591: Physics, engineering, materials, energy Doctoral School.
This Doctoral School offers presently to its nearly 290 PhD students the
opportunity to develop their knowledge by dedicated lectures.

PhD Study:

This PhD will address the numerical simulation of atomization systems and the
related combustion modelling. The injection system is presently a key apparatus
in the aeroengine. It is the topic of numerous research studies because of its
important influence on the whole engine behavior, in particular in terms of
pollutant emission. This covers the main objectives of the CHAiRLIFT project
that is to assess an innovative combustor concept capable of permitting
ultra-lean, low NOx, operations of future engines. 

Main steps of the CHAiRLIFT project are:
- New Combustion chamber conceptual design
- Numerical investigation of lifted spray flames
- Experimental investigations
- Implementation to real scale full annular combustors  

Experiments will be conducted mainly by other partners: The University of
Florence, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Salento.
The particular goal of the present PhD is to develop an advanced numerical model
of the injection system, then to combine it with numerical combustion modelling
in order to support design development of the different experimental
configurations that will also provide data for validation. 

Funding : standard doctoral allocation from University of Rouen.

Researcher Profile Requirements :

Required Education Level:     Master of Science Degree or equivalent
Degree Field:	Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical methods	
Required Languages:  Good ENGLISH Level
IMPORTANT : Due to the sensitivity of the project, and short delay recruitment,
only European applications will be considered.

Additional Requirements:

Strong working skills in CFD are required. The candidate is required to have
solid knowledge in Fluid dynamics, Multiphase flow modeling, Thermodynamics, and
ideally in numerical methods
In addition, knowledge or working experience with aeroengine or OpenFoam would
be advantageous for the application.
We are looking for enthusiastic Early Stage Researchers, who want to work and
learn in a challenging technical environment. 
Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #15645 when responding to this ad.
NameBenjamin Duret
Email ApplicationYes
Record Data:
Last Modified10:39:21, Friday, February 08, 2019

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