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Job Record #15738
TitleDevelopment of models for the post-processing of NOx formation
EmployerNUMECA International
LocationBelgium, Brussels
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure Date* None *
The emissions of NOx contribute to the formation of acid rain and the 
production of smog. In the design and optimization of low-NOx combustion 
devices (engines, gas turbines, furnaces,...) it is important to account for 
the current restrictive regulations on the emission of pollutants. Since the 
NOx formation is a slow process, computational methods assuming fast 
chemistry (like the equilibrium approach) cannot be used for accurate 
predictions. As the NOx concentrations are very low compared to the other 
combustion products and the formation of the NOx does consequently not 
affect the flow field, the NOx formation can be determined by post-
processing the results of a reactive simulation. FINE/Open contains a module 
for the post-processing of the NOx formation. As this module only considers 
the thermal formation of NOx (Zeldovich mechanism), in the current project 
this module will be extended to also incorporate the prompt formation of NO 
(Fenimore), the formation of NO due to the oxidation of nitrogen-containing 
compounds in the fuel, and the reduction of NO due to reactions with 
hydrocarbons. Validation will be conducted by simulating both elementary 
test flames and industrial applications. The work will be carried out in 
collaboration with TU/Eindhoven (TU/e), NL.
Supervisor: Jan E. Anker, Luigi Romagnosi, Jeroen van Oijen (TU/e)
Timing: 4-6 months (Internship or MSc project)
Prerequisites: Knowledge in fluid mechanics, numerical methods, and CFD
Programming languages: C++
Reference: 19-03

How to apply? Please send your CV, cover letter and ranking/transcripts at With your application please provide a list of two references 
and one letter of recommendation of your current/school university.

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NameValentine Dehem
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified09:41:01, Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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