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Job Record #19104
TitlePhD: modeling of wave loads on offshore wind structures
CategoryJob in Academia
EmployerNTNU Trondheim
LocationNorway, Trondheim
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateSunday, April 21, 2024
As part of the NRC KPN grant “Bottom Fixed Offshore Wind Turbines in Extreme Waves” (B-WAVE), we have a 
vacancy for a 3-year PhD position at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering within the Marine 
Civil Engineering group. The ever-growing demand of offshore wind for a sustainable green energy supply 
requires increasing research on accurate and efficient evaluations of the sea states and the wave loads on the 
wind turbine substructures. In the B-WAVE project, the wave conditions and wave loads will be analysed 
through a numerical framework with extensive validations.

This specific PhD project focuses on met-ocean analysis, large-scale sea-state numerical analysis and wave 
load calculations on offshore wind substructures. A fully nonlinear potential flow framework will be used as a 
foundation for further developments and applications. More sophisticate breaking wave algorithms will be 
investigated, multiple marine environmental stressors will be included, and an automated multi-scale 
workflow based on modelling and large datasets will be developed and applied. For the interaction between 
wind and propagating waves, a non-hydrostatic wave model will employed.

The numerical models used for those activities reside within the open-source hydrodynamics framework 
REEF3D ( The model is developed in-house and the candidate will be a member of the 
research team. The new developments will be implemented in REEF3D and the numerical results will be 
validated extensively from previous experimental campaigns. 
Contact Information:
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NameHans Bihs
Email ApplicationNo
Record Data:
Last Modified17:00:25, Monday, April 15, 2024

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