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CFD-driven Design and Analysis with SpaceClaim and SimericsMP
SpaceClaim provides engineers flexibility in geometry prep for simulation; SimericsMP enables unsurpassed ease and accuracy of fluid and heat simulation for complex systems. SpaceClaim and SimericsMP offer an integrated simulation solution. See a live demo from CAD to simulation.
Date: October 3, 2012
Organizer: SpaceClaim & Simerics
Deadlines: October 3, 2012 (registration)
Type of Event: Online Event, International

SpaceClaim® And Simerics® Announce Integration of 
SpaceClaim Engineer and PumpLinx®/Simerics MP

CONCORD, MA, and Huntsville, AL, September 11, 2012 – 
SpaceClaim, the leading provider of flexible and affordable 
3D for engineering design and manufacturing, and Simerics, 
Inc., creators of the 3D CFD simulation tools Pumplinx and 
Simerics MP for high fidelity virtual testing of complex 
fluid systems, announced today a direct integration between 
SpaceClaim Engineer and PumpLinx/Simerics MP.

PumpLinx and Simerics MP provide unsurpassed speed, 
accuracy, and numerical strength in simulating the heat 
transfer and fluid dynamics of complex systems. Pumplinx 
focuses on fluid pumps, motors, valves, compressors, and 
cavitation. Simerics MP offers the same core strengths 
(e.g., automated meshing, speed, accuracy, and physical 
models) for multi-purpose applications. “The integration 
with SpaceClaim Engineer provides an ideal tool for our 
customers to prepare complex geometry for our CFD 
solutions.” said Sam Lowry, President of Simerics. “The 
combination is both extremely cost effective and easy to 
use and deploy.” 

PumpLinx and Simerics MP set-up and simulation times are 
typically an order of magnitude faster than other options 
on the market with no compromise in accuracy. The 
predictions consistently match physical hardware test 
results within experimental error. “Coupling the direct 
modeleing capabilities of SpaceClaim Engineer with the CFD 
simulation strengths of PumpLinx/Simerics MP provides the 
design engineer a cost-effective, comprehensive CAE design 
and testing solution,” said Rich Moore, VP of Business 
Development, SpaceClaim. “This integration will ensure we 
continue to capture key market segements and expand our 
base,” he added.

A webinar will be conducted on Wednesday, October 3, at 
11:30AM eastern time to showcase this integration as well 
as SpaceClaim and PumpLinx/Simerics functionality. Sign up 
for this webinar. The integration will also be demonstrated 
in the Simerics booth at the International Pump Users 
Symposium taking place in Texas on September 25 to 27. Drop 
by the Simerics booth 1633 for a demonstration.

About Simerics, Inc. 
Simerics offers simulation tools for design/analysis 
engineers. These tools, Simerics MP, general purpose 
computational physics software, and PumpLinx, pump 
simulation software, can be extended and customized for 
specific applications. The Simerics team is comprised of 
scientists and engineers who have been among the pioneers 
in the development and application of multipurpose 
computational physics since the early 1980’s. This 
knowledge and experience is combined with new advances in 
computational physics, computational geometry, and software 
engineering to provide our clients with the next generation 
of simulation tools.To learn more about Simerics, please 
About SpaceClaim Corporation
SpaceClaim, the leading provider of 3D Direct Modeling 
software, develops the best direct modeling solution for 
engineering and manufacturing. SpaceClaim’s acclaimed 
software is easy to learn and use and is completely CAD-
neutral. It enables engineers and other manufacturing 
professionals to rapidly create new designs or manipulate 
and edit existing 2D and 3D geometry, without the 
complexity of traditional CAD. Customers include Toyota 
Motor Corporation, Nokia Siemens Networks, Bosch, TE 
Connectivity, BorgWarner, Medtronic, Lotus Cars, Sharp, 
Ford Motor Company, LG Electronics, Eaton, K2 Medical 
Systems, Emhart Glass, GE Aviation, Carl Zeiss, General 
Dynamics, and the U.S. Navy. SpaceClaim is privately held 
and backed by Borealis Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, 
North Bridge Venture Partners, and Needham Capital. For 
more information on SpaceClaim, please visit
SpaceClaim is a registered trademark of SpaceClaim 
corporation. Simerics and PumpLinx are registered 
trademarks of Simerics, Inc. All other product names are 
owned by their respective manufacturers.
Event record first posted on September 11, 2012, last modified on September 12, 2012

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