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36th AIAA Thermophysics Conference
Topics in thermophysics relating to aerospace applications
Date: June 23, 2003 - June 26, 2003
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: AIAA
Application Areas: Turbomachinery, Aerospace
Special Fields: Heat Transfer
Deadlines: October 18, 2002 (abstract)
Type of Event: Conference, International

The Thermophysics Technical Committee solicits abstracts of proposed papers on topics in thermophysics relating to aerospace applications. Contributions are sought that describe new and innovative concepts, novel experimental and computational methods, and in-depth surveys. Appropriate technical subject areas include, but are not limited to:
  • Ablation and thermal protection
  • Aerothermodynamics (computational and experimental)
  • Avionics
  • Cryogenics, low temperature, refrigeration
  • Direct Simulation Monte Carlo methods
  • Electronics packaging and cooling
  • Gas turbine heat transfer
  • Heat and mass transfer in bioengineering
  • Heat pipes and loop heat pipes
  • Heat transfer
    • Computational
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Phase change
    • Radiation
  • Historical perspectives in thermophysics and aerospace research
  • Hypersonic and low density facilities
  • Nonequilibrium flows (computational and experimental)
  • Nonequilibrium radiation
  • Nonintrusive diagnostics
  • Partially ionized gas and/or plasma flows
  • Plumes
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Solar energy
  • Transport phenomena in manufacturing and in material processing
  • Spacecraft contamination
  • Surface catalysis
  • Thermal control
  • Thermal protection systems
  • Thermophysical properties
  • Other (please specify)
The Thermophysics Technical Committee also strongly encourages submission of abstracts that address the following emerging topics:<
  • Micro- and Nano-scale heat transfer
  • Code verification and validation techniques
  • Multiphase flows and heat transfer
Event record first posted on June 11, 2002, last modified on June 11, 2002

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