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The udf of specific heat can load but leading the case divergence

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Old   July 7, 2018, 12:21
Red face The udf of specific heat can load but leading the case divergence
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Hello, everyone, i'm Kobe Peng.

I'm sorry that my English is not very well, i try to describe my question clearly.

I'm running a transcritical heat transfer case in which the transcritical fluid flows through a tube then it is heated.

I need to define the property of specific heat, and i have written, compiled and loaded the udf of cp but the case diverged after hundreds of interations.

Then I tried defining the specific by piecewise linear in FLUENT, and it did work!

I have checked the udf and the piecewise polynomial in it didn't have mistakes.

So, I am confused why once i use the udf then the case diverges.

If u guys know why, please tell me!

Thank you so much!
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Old   July 7, 2018, 12:27
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Kobe Peng is on a distinguished road
Here is the udf
#include "udf.h"
#include "math.h"

real spec;
spec = 265124.8831155-4464.82375371177*T+32.9231274086636*pow(T,2)-0.136039343632479*pow(T,3)+0.000339294051264547*po w(T,4)-5.09716373722217e-07*pow(T,5)+4.26496354634277e-10*pow(T,6)-1.53193177603194e-13*pow(T,7);
else if(T>=230&&T<300)
spec = 90820232.6991246-2323424.32743038*T+25493.1862659987*pow(T,2)-155.469810184518*pow(T,3)+0.569025894531809*pow(T, 4)-0.00124972693433267*pow(T,5)+1.52481826353193e-06*pow(T,6)-7.97246697067391e-10*pow(T,7);
else if(T>=208&&T<230)
spec = 61783405144.5027-2134905306.97295*T+31366437.2097949*pow(T,2)-254307.268382587*pow(T,3)+1229.96834217446*pow(T,4 )-3.55139768453823*pow(T,5)+0.00567176410739463*pow( T,6)-3.86692837907887e-06*pow(T,7);
else if(T>=185&&T<208)
spec = -107434137534.901+3791580172.91008*T-57290594.522828*pow(T,2)+480412.690572312*pow(T,3)-2414.4280687518*pow(T,4)+7.27206290466646*pow(T,5)-0.0121532810731963*pow(T,6)+8.69337002128947e-06*pow(T,7);
else if(T>=100&&T<185)
spec = -225762.297493954+12310.0037428643*T-282.185198740609*pow(T,2)+3.576418647329*pow(T,3)-0.0270693354002758*pow(T,4)+0.000122408921466647*p ow(T,5)-3.06380049304191e-07*pow(T,6)+3.2776859907096e-10*pow(T,7);
spec = 4000;
return spec;
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Old   July 8, 2018, 19:11
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First, there's a couple of spaces in your code such as "po w" on line 10 and "p ow" on line 18. Next, why have you written the coefficients with such a high precision? Perhaps rewrite with scientific notation with ~6 significant figures, e.g. 2.65124e5 for the first number. The nested if statements do not require the upper bound (e.g. T < 300) because of the preceding if condition (e.g. T >= 300). Then, have you checked with a plot that these equations are providing the expected heat capacity as a function of temperature, and is this relation a continuous function? Lastly, are the units from your equations in Kelvin or degrees Celsius? Fluent uses Kelvin for the units of temperature.
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divergence, heat transfer, specfic heat, udf

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