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Job Record #15514
TitlePhD and Post-doctoral positions (HIT, Harbin, China)
CategoryJob in Academia
EmployerHarbin Institute of Technology
LocationChina, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateMonday, December 31, 2018
Open positions for PhD students and Post-doctoral positions at Harbin Institute of 
Technology (Harbin, China) in the fields of CFD, electro-hydrodynamics (EHD) and 
fluid-structure interaction problems are avaiable.

We are seeking 2-3 high achieving candidates for PhD study or post-doctoral research 
in the areas of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), electrohydrodynamics(EHD), 
fluid-structure interaction problems at the group of Jian Wu, Harbin Institute of 
Technology (HIT), Harbin, China. The group has been established since April 2017. We 
aim to develop to be an international team with members from different countries and 
with different backgrounds. We are mainly focusing on the fundamental and 
applications of electrohydrodynamcis (EHD), i.e., to understand the interaction 
between electric fiend and flow motion, to design innovative applications of 
electrically driven flows (esp. for flow control and thermal management), and the 
fluid-structure interaction problems.

Projects are available both in computational and experimental aspects of EHD flows 
listed below, but mainly on computational field. Our team owns a numerical platform 
consisting of six workstations and also first-class experimental conditions (Various 
high voltage power sources, PIV, High-speed camera, ICCD, spectrometer, … )

Topic1: Numerical methods for elecrohydrodynamic (EHD) and electrokinetic(EK) flows 
>> The purpose is to develop robust, accurate and highly scalable numerical 
algorithms in the framework of finite volume method (esp. OpenFOAM) or the lattice 
Boltzmann method (LBM) for the simulations of single-phase elecrohydrodynamic (EHD) 
and electrokinetic (EK) flows. 

Topic 2: Numerical/Experimental study of particle-fluid interaction problems in the 
presence and absence of electric field 
>> The purpose is to investigate the influence of external electric field of some 
classical particle-fluid interaction problems (such as sedimentation and migration) 
by the numerical and/or experimental approaches. The numerical method is in the 
framework of the LBM, and we aims to develop an efficient numerical tool for this 
kind of problems by combining the LBM, the discrete element method (DEM) and the 
immersed boundary method (IBM). Experimental studies can be considered to validate 
the numerical results. 

Topic 3: Numerical/Experimental study of plasma actuators for active flow control 
>> The topic deals with the numerical and/or experimental study of the active flow 
control technique by utilizing plasma actuators. Two types of actuators, dielectric 
barrier discharge (DBD) and nanosecond pulsed discharge, will be considered. The 
numerical method is in the framework of the finite volume method (FVM) with the open 
source code OpenFOAM. After the development of the algorithm for plasma, some 
classical configurations such as the flow past cylinder and airfoil will be 
considered to reveal the influence of various factors on the flow motion and to 
understand the relevant physical mechanisms. Due to the challenge of this topic, 
there are other students in our group will work in parallel to perform experiments. 

Topic 4: Energy harvesting by piezoelectric materials
>> By using the numerical and/or experimental approaches, we are interested to 
investigate the energy harvesting process with the piezoelectric materials from 
flowing fluids. 

Basic requirements
(1) MS/PhD degree in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, fluid mechanics, 
heat and mass transfer or related fields. 
(2) Some experience in fluid dynamics and/or heat transfer, especially computational 
fluid dynamics and numerical heat transfer is preferred. 
(3) Candidates should have good communication and writing skills in English.

How to apply? 

The first step is to send a CV and short cover letter (describe background, research 
interest and which topic listed above you would like to choose, etc.) to Jian Wu. 
His mail address is 

For the Phd study, it is required to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship 
(CSC). For the application of CSC of HIT, and also the details of the scholarship, 
please refer to:  and

Deadline of this year: December 31st, 2018

For the post-doctoral position, it will last for two years. The salary will be 
covered by the university and our group. The salary will be about 10 0000 ~ 13 0000 
yuan RBM/year (before tax), depending on your background and previous achievement. 
About the group of Jian Wu
Please refer to 

About Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)
Please refer to Wikipedia:
About the city of Harbin, China
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Contact Information:
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NameJian Wu
Email ApplicationYes
AddressRoom 620, Dongli Building, 92 West DaZhi Street
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Last Modified09:00:23, Friday, December 07, 2018

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