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Job Record #15696
TitleFlow Control and Machine Learning for Bluff Body Flows
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerChalmers University of Technology, Division of fluid dynamics
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateMonday, April 01, 2019
Background to the project

The power consumption of road vehicles is largely determined by aerodynamics.
For example, with a medium size car moving at 100 km/h or a semi-truck moving at
cruise speed (80 km/h), drag accounts for 80-60% of the total resistance of
motion. Thus, a better aero-package can signifiantly extend the mileage of
future electric cars, and contribute to the fossil fuel independence we are all
craving. The development and consolidation of two cutting edge technologies,
namely active flow control and machine learning/articial intelligence (ML/AI),
will greatly contribute toward this common purpose. Active flow control has been
already studied by several research groups, yet seldom being adapted for ground
vehicles. Previous studies carried out at the Division of Fluid Dynamics (M.
El-Alti, PhD thesis G. Minelli, PhD thesis ) showed the potential for a
practical future implementation on real vehicles. What is missing in these
previous studies is the research of an optimal combination of variables for all
external flow conditions a vehicle might face. Introducing ML/AI into the
subject will open new control scenarios and allow us to explore control
approaches unthinkable otherwise. From a practical and engineering perspective,
the consolidation of wind tunnel experiments (WTE) and ML/AI will optimize the
aerodynamics of vehicles for any external flow condition. From a theoretical
point of view, this work will mature a novel methodology and further explore the
physics behind flow control.

The position

The position is a full-time employment with a competitive salary and with social
benefits. This position is limited to two years with current funding. If the
applicant is very succesful and if new external funding is available, the
position may be extended another one or two years.

Your primary responsibility will be to pursue research and development related
to active flow control, experiments and machine learning within the project. You
are expected to develop your own scientific ideas and concepts, and to
communicate the results of your research verbally and in writing. You will be
guided by senior researchers at the involved departments. If the applicant is
interested, the position also includes opportunities for supervising MSc anf BSc
students. The position is meritorious for future research duties within academia
as well as industry/the public sector.

Contact Information:
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NameLars Davidson
Email ApplicationNo
Record Data:
Last Modified11:33:22, Wednesday, February 27, 2019

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