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Job Record #15730
TitleFunded Masters opportunity in wind turbine aerodynamics
CategoryDiploma Work
EmployerUniversity of British Columbia
LocationCanada, British Columbia, Kelowna
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateWednesday, May 01, 2019
Evaluation of Leading-Edge Droops for Performance Enhancement of Wind 
Turbine Rotors -- Masters student opportunity

** Position description **

Dr. Joshua Brinkerhoff of the UBC School of Engineering and UBC Okanagan 
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory invites applicants for a Masters of 
Applied Science (MASc) position in the area of Experimental and Numerical 
Evaluation of Leading-Edge Droops for Performance Enhancement of Wind 
Turbine Rotors. The position is open to students who have completed a 
Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering or related discipline. Applicants 
with interests in fluid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics (CFD), 
numerical simulation, and wind energy are encouraged to apply. The 
successful candidates will be required to work independently and must 
communicate well in English. Some provincial travel may be required in order 
to collaborate with the industrial partner located in Christina Lake, BC. 
The successful candidate will be financially supported. This position is 
available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and 
international applicants meeting the admission criteria for UBC Okanagan and 
School of Engineering. It is expected that successful candidates will 
commence graduate studies from September 1, 2019.

** Project description **

Harrison Blade Solutions has developed a high-lift device called a “droop” 
that affixes to the leading edge of a wind turbine. It is designed to combat 
ice accretion, increase the rotor power, and improve the durability of the 
turbine blades. How the droop impacts the aerodynamic performance of the 
turbine rotor must be investigated and validated. The Masters student will 
use CFD simulations and experiments on a 3 kW turbine to identify how the 
droop modifies the aerodynamic performance for a range of parent airfoil 
shapes and operating conditions. The simulations will be conducted using 
low-order methods such as XFOIL as well as higher-fidelity Reynolds-averaged 
Navier Stokes simulations and possibly large eddy simulations. Special 
attention will be given to low-wind conditions to identify whether the droop 
can improve the cut-in speed of the turbine. How the droop affects ice 
accretion will also be investigated. The experiments will be conducted using 
the industrial partner’s 3 kW wind turbine apparatus. CFD simulations will 
be conducted using a combination of commercial, open-source, and in-house 
CFD software on national high-performance computing facilities.

** Training and professional development **

Candidates will receive high-quality formal and informal training in the 
following areas: (1) applied aerodynamics in wind energy systems (2) 
computational fluid dynamics; (3) experimental aerodynamics; (4) high 
performance computing. Candidates will have opportunities to participate in 
peer-reviewed publications as well as present at national and international 
conferences. Candidates may also optionally engage in an international 
exchange with Dr. Brinkerhoff’s extensive network of international 
collaborators; past students have visited labs in Australia, UK, and Spain 
to broaden their training and engage with world-leading research groups 

** Application procedure **

Candidates are asked to submit:
• A cover letter describing their research interests and motivations for 
graduate study
• A detailed curriculum vitae highlighting their educational and 
professional achievements
• A list of three professional and/or academic references
• Unofficial transcripts from their Bachelors degree
• English test scores (if required)

Interested candidates should send the above documents and direct queries to 
Dr. Joshua Brinkerhoff ( 

Additional information of Dr. Brinkerhoff’s research is available from his 
research webpage: 

Contact Information:
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NameJoshua Brinkerhoff
Email ApplicationYes
AddressSchool Of Engineering
1137 Alumni Avenue
Record Data:
Last Modified01:56:14, Saturday, March 16, 2019

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