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Approximation Schemes for convective term - structured grids - Schemes

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When we shall fill this page, I offer to make common identifications, because in different issues was used different notation.

Also we beg everybody to help me with original works. Later I shall write, what is necessary. If anyone have literature connected with convective schemes, please drop me a line.

We shall be very glad and grateful to hear any critical suggestion (please drop a few lines at Wiki Forum)

It is just a skeleton, but we hope that it will be developed into the good thing


Basic Discretisation schemes

  • Central Differencing Scheme (CDS)
  • Upwind Differencing Scheme (UDS) also (First-order upwind - FOU)
  • Hybrid Differencing Scheme (HDS also HYBRID)
  • Power-Law Scheme (also Exponencial scheme or PLDS )

Linear Schemes - structured grids

  • SOU - Second Order Upwind (also LUDS or UDS-2)
  • Skew - Upwind
  • QUICK - Quadratic Upwind Interpolation for Convective Kinematics (also UDS-3 or QUDS)
  • LUS - Linear Upwind Scheme
  • Fromm - Fromm's Upwind Scheme
  • CUDS - Cubic Upwind Difference Scheme (also CUS or UDS-4)
  • CUI - Cubic Upwind Interpolation

Non-Linear QUICK based Schemes - structured grids

  • QUICKER - Quadratic Upwind Interpolation Extended and Revised
  • SMART - Sharp and Monotonic Algorithm for Realistic Transport
  • SMARTER - SMART Efficiently Revised
  • VONOS - Variable-Order Non-Oscillatory Scheme
  • CHARM - Cubic / Parabolic High-Accuracy Resolution Method
  • UMIST - Upstream Monotonic Interpolation for Scalar Transport

Fromm based Schemes - structured grids

  • Fromm scheme
  • MUSCL - Monotonic Upwind Scheme for Conservation Laws
  • van Leer limiter
  • van Albada

Schemes by Leonard - structured grids

[[Schemes by Leonard - structured grids#ULTIMATE-QUICKEST

  • [[Schemes by Leonard - structured grids#UTOPIA - Uniformly Third Order Polynomial Interpolation Algorithm
|UTOPIA - Uniformly Third Order Polynomial Interpolation Algorithm ]]

Other Schemes (unclassified) - structured grids

Contents [hide]

  • Chakravarthy-Osher limiter
  • Sweby Φ - limiter
  • Superbee limiter
  • R-k limiter
  • MINMOD - MINimum MODulus
  • SOUCUP - Second-Order Upwind Central differnce-first order UPwind
  • ISNAS - Interpolation Scheme which is Nonoscillatory for Advected Scalars
  • COPLA - COmbination of Piecewise Linear Approximation
  • HLPA - Hybrid Linear / Parabolic Approximation
  • CLAM - Curved-Line Advection Method
  • van Leer harmonic
  • BSOU
  • MSOU - Monotonic Second Order Upwind Differencing Scheme
  • Koren
  • H-CUS
  • MLU
  • SHARP - Simple High Accuracy Resolution Program
  • LPPA - Linear and Piecewise / Parabolic Approximasion
  • CUBISTA - Convergent and Universally Bounded Interpolation Scheme for the Treatment of Advection

reference shablon

SMITH (3000), "XXX", XXX.

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