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Administrators are Wiki users who have been granted special "sysop" rights. In addition to what a normal user can do administrator may also:

  • Protect (or unprotect) pages so that normal users can not edit them
  • Delete or undelete pages
  • Revert page-edits (any user can do this but an administrator can do it more efficiently)
  • Hide vandalism from the Special:Recent changes list
  • Block and unblock users, IP addresses, IP ranges
  • Change the wording of interface items like headings, link titles etc


How to contact an administrator

To contact an administrator please post a message on the Wiki discussion forum.

List of administrators

The following users currently have administrator rights:

How to become an administrator

Administrator rights are granted to users who have proved to be trusted members of the Wiki communty. Administrators should also be familiar with CFD-Wiki policies and standards. There is no single path to become an administrator. In general you should over a period of time actively contribute to the Wiki and participate in the discussions on the Wiki forum. To nominate yourself or someone else as potential administrators please add your user name to the CFD-Wiki:Suggested administrators page. Please also write something about why you (or the user you are nominating) should be an administrator.

New administrator nominees are discussed and agreed upon among the current administrators. This discusson occurs via email and is initiated and chaired by the Wiki bureaucrat Jola.

Administrator abuse

If you feel that an administrator has abused his priviliges please post a message on the Wiki forum. Administrators can only be degraded by the Wiki bureaucrat Jola.

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