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Hall of fame

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*John Von Neumann
*John Von Neumann
*Lejeune Dirichlet
*Lejeune Dirichlet
*Spalding D.B.(needs a first name!)
*D Brian Spalding (DBS or Brian to his students)
*Brian Launder
*Rhie C.M.(needs a first name!)
*Rhie C.M.(needs a first name!)
*Chow W.L.(needs a first name!)
*Chow W.L.(needs a first name!)
*Suhas Patankar
*Suhas V Patankar
*Milovan Peric
*Milovan Peric
*Andre-Louis Cholesky
*Andre-Louis Cholesky

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This section presents short biographical sketches of the people who were the pillars in CFD. Here is an elementary list of some of these people. Please feel free to add more names to the list or research any of the names presented here and include a short sketch of their lives along with their contributions to CFD. Here is a good resource for biographies

  • Claude Navier
  • George Stokes
  • Daniel Bernoulli
  • Leonard Euler
  • Ludwig Prandtl
  • Theodore Von Karman
  • John Von Neumann
  • Lejeune Dirichlet
  • D Brian Spalding (DBS or Brian to his students)
  • Brian Launder
  • Rhie C.M.(needs a first name!)
  • Chow W.L.(needs a first name!)
  • Suhas V Patankar
  • Milovan Peric
  • Andre-Louis Cholesky
  • Richard Courant
  • Kurt Friedrichs
  • Hans Lewy
  • Olga Ladyschenskaya
  • Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier
  • Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi
  • Nikolai Mitrofanovich Krylov
  • Martin Wilhelm Kutta
  • Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov
  • John Henry Michell
  • Ernest Oliver Tuck
  • John Nicholas Newman
  • Touvia Miloh
  • John V. Wehausen
  • Fritz Ursell
  • Horace Lamb
  • Hajime Maruo
  • Georg P. Weinblum
  • Thomas H. Havelock
  • Carl David Tolmé Runge
  • A.M.O. Smith
  • John Hess
  • Som D. Sharma
  • J. J. Stoker
  • Hermann Schlichting
  • W.C.S. Wigley
  • Marshall P. Tulin
  • Klaus W.H. Eggers
  • Louis Landweber
  • M.J. Lighthill
  • Tuncer Cebeci
  • A.A. Townsend
  • K. Stewartson
  • L. Morino
  • T. Inui
  • W. Froude
  • Gopal R. Shevare
  • Sergei K. Godunov

Please add all the people that made famous contributions in you area of specialization

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