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General guidelines for contributors

This Wiki will never be better than the information we all fill it with. Everyone with some knowledge about CFD can contribute, so please go ahead and add something about your area of expertise. Things can always be improved later on! It is much better with a short incomplete page on something than no page at all. An incomplete page will encourage others to work further on it. So add whatever you can and leave it to others to improve it later on.

Content policies

This Wiki tries to follow the policies and guidelines established by WikiPedia. The most important content policies are:

  • Neutral point of view
All articles should be written in a neutral point if view without bias, representing different views fairly. The Wiki is not the place to promote or advocate different opinions or interests. Neither is it the place to promote yourself, a certain product, code or company. Be very restrictive when writing about yourself, your company, your products or your own research results. See the WikiPedia NPOV definition for more information. This principle is especially important when writing about commercial products. We don't want a Wiki filled with commercial advertising.
  • No original research
Do not publish original research in the Wiki. All material added to the Wiki should be established views or facts that are generally accepted in the research community. New research results should first have been published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences before being added to the Wiki. For more information see WikiPedia's page on original resarch.
  • Verifiability
Information in the Wiki should be verifiable. Whenever possible include links or references to where the information can be verified. Preferably the information should already have been published by a reputable publisher. Note that information does not necessarily have to be the one single truth - confliciting opinions might exist. For more information about the principle of verifiability see the WikiPedia article on verifiablity.
  • No copyright violations
Please make sure that all material that you add is free from any conflicting copyrights. Do not add material to which others own the copyrights without their explicit approval. We take copyrights seriously and will delete any material that is found to break someones copyrights.

Style guide

In order to maintain a common style and format throughout the Wiki please try to follow the guidelines listed below. If you want to suggest new guidelines or discuss formatting issues please post a message on the Wiki forum.

Naming pages/articles

  • Name pages with lower-case letters on all words except the first character.
  • Make sure that the page-name fully identifies the content. For example don't name a page on how to create movies with Fluent "create movies". Instead call it something like "Fluent - how to create movies". You can still link to it with a shorter link-title by using a piped link like this: [[Fluent - how to create movies | create movies]]
  • Do not start page titles with The. For example The Navier-Stokes equations should be only Navier-Stokes equations.

Mathematical formulas

  • Write mathematical formulas indented with a ":" in the following way:

:<math>LaTeX formula goes here</math>

  • Try to avoid numbering your equations and instead reference them in the text by their names. However, if you find it absolutely necessary to number your formulas please use a HTML table like this:

<table width="100%">
LaTeX for formula one goes here
</td><td width="5%">(1)</td></tr>

  • For definitions and equivalences use "\equiv" (<math>\equiv</math>) and use "=" (<math>=</math>) for equations.
  • If you want to put some text within an equation, use the \mbox{} environment. For example

\epsilon_{ijk} = 1, \mbox{ if all i, j, k are different and in cyclic order}

will produce

\epsilon_{ijk} = 1, \mbox{ if all i, j, k are different and in cyclic order}


Write references to publications in the following way:

  • Placement: Place references in the article in which they are used, either in a ==References== section at the end or, if it is a very long article, in the section where the reference is used. If it is a long article you might also consider splitting it into smaller articles.
  • Order: Order references alphabetically based on the name of the first author
  • Numbering: If you want to number the references use square bracket like this: [1]
  • Names: Write author names as "Lastname1, Firstname1 and Lastname2, Firstname2"
  • Style: There are two different templates which you should use for references - the reference-paper template for scientific publications like journal articles, theses, etc. and the reference-book template for books. The two examples below illustrate how these templates should be used in the Wiki:

{{reference-paper|author=Granville, P. S.|year=1987|title=Baldwin-Lomax Factors for Turbulent
Boundary Layers in Pressure Gradients|rest=AIAA Journal, Vol. 25, No. 12, pp. 1624-1627}} 

{{reference-book|author=Batchelor, G. K.|year=2000|title=An Introduction to Fluid
Dynamics|rest=ISBN 0521663962, 1st Edition, Ch. 5.7 Boundary Layers, pp.303}} 

These two references would look like this:

Granville, P. S. (1987), "Baldwin-Lomax Factors for Turbulent Boundary Layers in Pressure Gradients", AIAA Journal, Vol. 25, No. 12, pp. 1624-1627.
Batchelor, G. K. (2000), An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics, ISBN 0521663962, 1st Edition, Ch. 5.7 Boundary Layers, pp.303.
  • External links: An author's homepage can be linked to from the author name. Publications that have homepages can be linked to from the title. Publications that are available for download (pdf or similar) should be linked to with a special download link at the end. Here is an example:

{{reference-paper|author=[ Hrvoje, Jasak]|year=1996|title=Error
Analysis and Estimation for the Finite Volume Method with Applications to Fluid Flows|rest=PhD
Thesis, Imperial College, University of London 
([ download])}}

This reference would look like this:

Hrvoje, Jasak (1996), "Error Analysis and Estimation for the Finite Volume Method with Applications to Fluid Flows", PhD Thesis, Imperial College, University of London (download).
  • ISBN numbers: For publications that have ISBN numbers make sure to include these in the "rest" parameter using the format "ISBN 1234567890" (see book example above). If you do this the Wiki will automatically hot-link the ISBN to online book-stores.


A stub is a short article which is not complete. A stub is also an invitation to others to expand and improve the article. Stubs serve an important purpouse in that they allow authors to quickly create a logical structure of articles. To mark an article as a stub just place a {{stub}} at the bottom of the page. All stub articles can be found in the Category:Stubs. For more information about stubs see CFD-Wiki:Stub.

Editing help

For some basic help on how to edit pages please visit WikiMedia Help for Editors or How to edit a page. For help with writing mathematical formulae, see the wikipedia help pages.

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