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Introduction to CFD

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Using abacus to computers, we have certainly come a long way. It’s been more than two hundred thousand years since the first Homo sapiens sapiens appeared on this mother earth. Life is never been faster than that of previous century. Man learned to fly. Then man learned to fly smarter. CFD certainly has played its part in it.

Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD as its popularly known as is simulations of flows with the help of computers. The complex set of partial differential equations are solved on a geometrical problem divided into small volumes, commonly known as mesh or grid.

CFD has enabled us to see the world as never before. It was never before possible to see what its like to be in a furnace. It was never before possible to see how our blood flows in our arteries and veins. It was never before we saw a possibility of a walk into computational never land.

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