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Shock tube problem

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The test case involves the 1-D Euler equation describing the flow.The initial condition is given by

 u\equiv u_L ,p=p_L,\rho=\rho_L,x<x_o
 u\equiv u_R ,p=p_R,\rho=\rho_R,x>x_o

where  p_L>p_R diaphragm being located at  x=x_o

Two cases are considered and the flow is simulated using Roe first-order scheme and Steger-Warming vector splitting scheme.

Case 1  p_R \equiv 1.2*10^4 Pa,p_L=10^5 Pa,u_L=u_R=0,\rho_R=0.125,\rho_L=1.0 kg/m^3 ,x_o=5 m ,t_f=0.0061 s
Case 2  p_R \equiv 1.2*10^3 Pa,p_L=10^5 Pa,u_L=u_R=0,\rho_R=0.01,\rho_L=1.0 kg/m^3 ,x_o=5 m ,t_f=0.0039 s

The computational domain is  [0,2x_o] .The boundary conditions are set equal to the intial conditions of the undisturbed gas.The computations are carried out with 600 grid points.

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