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Is there any on ho has done transient analysis of I C Engine ombustion. Pleae help I am new to C F D I am using fluent. - Giridhar tech

This is not the place for that kind of questions, please use the main discussion forum for general CFD related questions and the Fluent discussion forum for questions related to Fluent. --Jola 03:27, 14 December 2005 (MST)

CFD in Building Aerodynamics

Hello kind people from Windy Wellington, I am a student researching building aerodynamics at a city planning scale. I've been reading up on literature concerned with Large eddy Modelling and am using fluent.

I was wondering if their has been any insight into simulating 3 second wind gusts?

or how would you get around modelling turbulences and gauging those maximum gusts efficienly of course?

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