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Is there any on ho has done transient analysis of I C Engine ombustion. Pleae help I am new to C F D I am using fluent. - Giridhar tech

This is not the place for that kind of questions, please use the main discussion forum for general CFD related questions and the Fluent discussion forum for questions related to Fluent. --Jola 03:27, 14 December 2005 (MST)
  • As commercial CFD codes become more and more capable, CFD design agencies are more and more pressed to reconsider the cost vs. benefit of developing and maintaing in house codes. I have had many conversations on this topic with other CFD managers and practitioners - there is a lot to think about:

These first few are mine: 1) Competetive advantange - is your homegrown software more capable than software developed by your competitor or available in a commercial CFD code? If I have unique design capability I have an advantage over my competitor. 2) Is commercial software really easier to use? I can apply my code to a new problem faster than I could apply any other code. GUI? who cares! 3) Physical models are generally trivial to institute into a code, commercial or otherwise, unless basic algorithmic and/or data structyure implications are involved (e.g. multiphase flows) 4)The next major leaps in CFD codes are not algorithmic, rather software engineering based. The ultimate code of the future will be object oriented, multi-physics, support unstructured and adaptive and arbitrary polyhedral and overset - everything! Hard for a small CFD design agenct to develop such a tool. 5) Can open source CFD codes and modules play in the future or will ANSYS gobble everyone up and have us all at their mercy? 6) 7) 8)

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