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star4ToFoam Segfault on Mac OS X 10.6.5 / OF 1.7.x

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Old   December 25, 2010, 10:10
Default star4ToFoam Segfault on Mac OS X 10.6.5 / OF 1.7.x
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Hi Foamers,

I have compiled OF 1.7.x on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.5 thanks to gschaider's patches. I can run all solvers and utilities fine, even in parallel. However I always get a segmentation fault while trying to import a Star-CD (cel/vrt/bnd) mesh, no matter which model I try. All the models I have tested can be imported just fine on any other computer running OF 1.7.x on linux.

I can also import fluent meshes without any issues.

The output of star4ToFoam is:

PHP Code:
| =========                 |                                                 |
| \\      /  F ield         | OpenFOAM: The Open Source CFD Toolbox           |
|  \\    /   O peration     | Version:  1.7.x                                 |
|   \\  /    A nd           | Web:                      |
|    \\/     M anipulation  |                                                 |
Build  1.7.x
star4ToFoam /some/model/file/name
Dec 25 2010
Case   : /some/case
nProcs 1
Enabling floating point exception trapping (FOAM_SIGFPE).

// * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * //
no constant/boundaryRegion information available
Number of points  
Number of fluids  
Number of baffles 
Ignored   solids  
Ignored   shells  
Unused    points  
#0  Foam::backtrace(void**, unsigned int) in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/lib/darwinIntel64DPOpt/libOpenFOAM.dylib"
#1  Foam::error::printStack(Foam::Ostream&) in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/lib/darwinIntel64DPOpt/libOpenFOAM.dylib"
#2  Foam::sigSegv::sigSegvHandler(int) in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/lib/darwinIntel64DPOpt/libOpenFOAM.dylib"
#3  _sigtramp in "/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib"
#4  _sigtramp in "/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib"
#5  Foam::meshReaders::STARCD::readGeometry(double) in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/lib/darwinIntel64DPOpt/libconversion.dylib"
#6  Foam::meshReader::mesh(Foam::objectRegistry const&) in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/lib/darwinIntel64DPOpt/libconversion.dylib"
#7  main in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/applications/bin/darwinIntel64DPOpt/star4ToFoam"
#8  start in "/Users/me/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.7.x/applications/bin/darwinIntel64DPOpt/star4ToFoam"
Segmentation fault 
What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance,
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Old   December 25, 2010, 20:38
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Greetings Sushant,

I don't own a Mac, so I'm limited to making suggestions - is there any chance you can try and build OpenFOAM 1.6-ext: Extend Project 1.6-ext Binary Release for Mac OS X
As far as I can see, they have a better support for Mac OS X for their -Extend variant of OpenFOAM, so if you can reproduce or not get the same problem with their variant, then it shouldn't be too difficult for them to develop or for someone to adapt the fix for both versions!

Best regards,
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