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This is a section for people who add material to the Wiki. You can also find some general guidelines in the Help:Contents page.

We should be focusing on two things right now:

  • Create a basic structure for the Wiki, with "stubs" (short articles which invite people to add more to them) for sections/pages where we still lack any significant content.
  • Finish a few high-quality sections/pages which other contributors can be inspired by and copy. This is important since we need to develop some form of common standard and understanding of how this Wiki should "look and feel", how we write references, equations, links etc. I have started to summarize a few guidelines here.

The intention is that we should launch the Wiki publicly by the end of October (which year depends on us ;-)

What's in the works

You who do significant additions to the Wiki, please add some information about your work, plans and progress here so that others can see what you are working on and perhaps help, monitor, come with suggestions and most importantly, be inspired by.

  • I've started work on creating a first best-practise guide. I think we need some sort of first example for how one of these should look. Writing this type of guide is not easy though. I chose to start with a guide for turbomachinery CFD since that is the application area that I know most about. So far I've only created a table of contents and written a few sections. What do you think about it? --Jola 08:09, 8 September 2005 (MDT)
  • I have written a fairly comprehensive description of a turbulence model - see the Baldwin-Lomax model page. I think that this is a fairly good example of how we should write this type of page about a certain model. Or what do you think? --Jola 08:09, 8 September 2005 (MDT)
  • A few people have started work on the numerics section. It now has a basic structure and I think it will get significantly more content within the next few days. --Jola 17:02, 12 September 2005 (MDT)
  • We have been allowed to base the turbulence section on an excellent intro book on turbulence written by Professor William K. George. So expect to see significant additions in this section soon. --Jola 17:02, 12 September 2005 (MDT)
  • We need to coordinate our style and structure. I've started to write some guidlines on the Help page and have also emailed a few of you trying to get things a bit more organized. --Jola 17:02, 12 September 2005 (MDT)
  • I'm trying to engage editors to write FAQ's for the largest codes (Fluent, CFX and STAR-CD) and have posted messages to the code forums here at CFD Online inviting people to contribute to these FAQ's. I'm also in direct contact with a couple of support managers at CFD companies who are wondering how they can or if they should support this FAQ initiative. We'll see what happens. --Jola 17:02, 12 September 2005 (MDT)

What needs to be done

  • We have many turbulence models listed in the turbulence modeling section which still lack any description. Feel free to pick a model that you are familiar with and write a description of it. --Jola 01:50, 13 September 2005 (MDT)
  • The FAQ section is still very thin. If you are familiar with one of the larger CFD codes please consider adding a few questions and answers to the FAQ. --Jola 08:28, 13 September 2005 (MDT)

Wiki editors - Who we are

Add your name here if you make contributions to the wiki.

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